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  • Health Problem
  • PFD Not Worn or Present
  • Heart Attack / Heart Failure
  • Other

Accident Description


Indiana man dies while canoeing on Jacks Fork River

Canoe Tips Near Eminence, Illinois Man Dies

By KSPR News
By Joanna Small

A 68-year-old Evansville, Illinois, man is dead after a canoe wreck in Eminence, Missouri.
It happened Friday morning. James Catt and his wife Barbara were canoeing on the Jacks Fork River when they hit a root wad. Both were thrown overboard.

When Barbara surfaced she noticed her husband standing in water up to his chin and clutching his chest. He then slumped over. Barbara told the Missouri Water Patrol James had a history of heart problems.

His body was recovered by officers on Mahans Creek several hours later. He was not wearing a life vest.



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