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Mr. Schneider was paddling with 6 other boaters

He was pinned at Flatliner Falls; went over sideways, bow caught on a center rock, stern washed into a rock to the left of the boof. He was pinned against the back deck by the force of the current; no air pocket.This is a bad vertical pin spot that has caused problems before.

Rescuers had hands on him quickly; they tried stabilization line. Eventually they clipped into the bow of his boat & pulled him free. He was rescued quickly (@ 5 minutes) with ropes.

Flows were @400 cfs. This is a high flow for this section

Photos of site:

CPR done for 2+ hours

Kayaker Dies at Blackwater Falls State Park
Posted Monday, October 4, 2010 ; 11:53 AM |


A Pittsburgh man died Friday while kayaking on Blackwater River.

By Malarie Dauginikas

DAVIS --  A Pittsburgh man died Friday after his kayak became lodged under water on the Blackwater River in Blackwater Falls State Park, according to representatives from the West Virginia Department of Commerce. Carl Schneider, 35, was kayaking with five others in an area of high water in Blackwater Canyon, an area below the main falls.

According to the law enforcement report, Schneider hit the rapid wrong and was lodged under water for more than five minutes. CPR was administered, but Schneider was unable to be revived. He was pronounced dead on the scene.