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No one was injured, but I thought the safety committee should have this to review to consider including in its database and reports. I've also posted it as a comment in the river database. I spoke with a young woman who a couple of hours earlier swam through the suckhole sieve. Later I was forwarded her own account of the incident, shown below:

"I hit a fuck you rock and flipped in the ledge stuff that composes the suckhole entrance. Lost my grip on my paddle when it caught briefly on a rock, and it took me long enough to recover it that I didn't roll up until I was right on top of the pillow rock that divides the flow right above suckhole - but I was leaning upsteam because the rock didn't let me complete the roll, so I just flipped again and washed off river right. Lost my paddle fully. I knew where I was and I did NOT want so swim so I was trying to hand roll/grab rocks on the bottom to arrest my momentum toward the sieve. That failed spectacularly and when I felt the boat kinda settle into place I knew I was in suckhole and bailed. After a few idiotic seconds of trying to swim back upstream, I just went as deep as I could (disclaimer: the water wasn't really aerated so with the PFD I probably didn't actually go deep at all) and waited until I saw light above me. Popped up and hauled ass up the river right boulder of the sieve to let my crew know I was out before one of them put themselves in danger to try to rescue me. Totally uninjured. Boat and paddle chilled in suckhole until we extracted them."