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From Brandon Nutter, one of Charlie Duffy's rescue students:

"Moises forgot to mention to the news that he can't swim, was initially at serious risk of becoming a foot entrapment victim, and that he got towed to the safety of that dry rock by a local boater while Rescue 1 was en route. To set the story straight, once I moved him to the rock, I remained with him the entire time except for 2 minutes when I ferried over to the incident commander to relay patient assessment info, after which I returned to his aid - so stranded yes, but he was in good company. The river board pendulum used to get him to shore was established via a cooperative effort between Rescue 1 and several local boaters. Let's give a shout out to Karl Schmidt for executing the line ferry and additional patient assessment, Max Posner for setting in boat safety, and to all of the members of Richmond Fire Rescue 1 for allowing us to help get Moises out of the river."

Kayaker stranded for hours rescued from James River

Posted: May 21, 2013

Posted by Shawn Maclauchlan RICHMOND, VA (WWBT)

A close call for some kayakers on the James River Tuesday night. Rescue crews pulled one injured man left stranded on a rock. The man says he broke his hand and was stranded for two hours in the middle of the river. The group says they'd never been kayaking before and both of their kayaks flipped as soon as the rapids got rough. "We weren't able to get the kayak and get the water out," said Moises Dieguez. "I banged my hand trying to hold it, and pretty much broke my hand." All four kayakers say they were thankful to have worn life vests.

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