Accident Database

Report ID# 3838

  • Flush Drowning
  • Near Drowning
  • Cold Water
  • High Water

Accident Description

 A friend of mine was working on Clear Creek Thursday when this happened: I had a bad day on the creek. I was on shore safety and had a guest come by w no raft. She missed the rope and swam 4 miles in raging class 4+. Flight for life after they got a pulse. 81 degree core body temp One raft trip. Driver+ throw rope on bad rapids at river? What section? How many rafts & guides?

Clear creek. Idaho springs 1 raft 2 guides (1 off duty) They flipped the raft & everyone swam? I threw almost perfect. She took one stroke for it and went into the next hole. When she came up she was past the bag and moving fast; continuous waves & holes? how many customers? 2guests held onto the chicken line and cause the raft to back surf the first hole for a bit. This was all out of sight to me. A series of drops. None that big but connected they can be big. 3 customers total.

The girl had 100+ family members at the hospital. It's a miracle. She's talking and out of ICU. No significant trauma. Mammalian Diving Reflex! A safety kayak wouldn't have mad that much of a difference in this case. It's high water. Going off and that group split up quick Also, 911 is so on it in this county. we had multiple vehicles on scene in less than two minutes. More rafts and a safety boater would be my choice but you cant swim too far or you flush drown quick in cold high water. That's what happened. She was out by the next big set of rapids How old was she? 21 How did she get out? Several attempts were made as she moved down the creek. The whole town acted as a first responder They finally caught up to her at the end of town.

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