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Stranded kayaker on Wilson Creek safe

Posted by Mark Jackson

Date: September 29, 2015

Caldwell Journal, Lenoir, NC

COLLETTSVILLE, NC…On the afternoon of Tuesday, September 29, 2015 two kayakers were caught in the rising waters of Wilson Creek at Craig Creek Road. The first kayaker fell out of her kayak and had to fight her way to the shore grabbing from tree to tree. The other kayaker was swept down stream and became stranded on the opposite side of the creek. Collettsville Fire & Rescue Department along with assistance from Gamewell Fire Department responded to the scene. Luckily there was an experienced kayaker on hand to traverse the rough waters to check on the stranded kayaker. This experienced kayaker suggested that the stranded kayaker try to walk his way back to Craig Creek Road. We arrived on the scene just as the stranded kayaker made his way to safety following a “deer trail” back to Craig Creek Road and he was very thankful to say the least. The waters were still rising as the rescue was taking place and are expected to continue rising due to the heavy rains in the higher elevations. Some of the photos below are from the bottom end of Brown Mountain Beach Road where the waters were just inches from overtaking the road. Looks like we made it out just in time… We didn’t arrive in time to catch any footage of the kayakers while they were in distress…just thankful they are safe.

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