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Youghioghenny River near Ohiopyle, PA

Gradient-60 fpm; Gauge-1.7' (low); Classification-III+

DESCRIPTION:  On the afternoon of Saturday, July 29, 1995 David Moore was demoing a kayak from a local dealer. He paddled into Entrance Rapid and apparently capsized in a small, playful hole near the top. The water was chilly but not terribly cold. Witnesses reported that his boat floated upside down, with no sign of struggle. When his companion, Paul Cherry, realized there was someone still inside, he gave chase. Assisted by a raft, he brought moore to shore, wrestled him out of the boat, and began CPR. Total elapsed time under water is estimated at five minutes. Assisted by an emergency room nurse who was on the scene, they brought his color back, but were unable to save his life. An autopsy reported that the death was a dry drowning. There was no evidence of any head injury other than a few superficial abrasions.

SOURCE:  Paul Cherry; Uniontown Herald-Standard

ANALYSIS:  Moore was 31 years old. We have no good explanation for his death at this time. We don't know why he didn't roll or leave his boat.

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