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Update: Missing James River canoeist ID'ed

Rescue crews pull boats out of the water Monday after an unsuccessful search attempt for an Alexandria man missing on the James River. Posted: Monday, June 6, 2016 Virginia Conservation Police released the name of a man who went missing during a canoeing incident Sunday afternoon in the James River near Balcony Falls.Crews spent several hours Monday searching for Grant Manukynats, 29, of Alexandria, according to Sgt. Sonny Nipper.

Nipper said Manukynats was canoeing with an acquaintance, 36-year-old Lynchburg resident Charles Hipskind, when the canoe capsized just downstream of Balcony Falls near an area called Jump Rock. Hipskind was able to stay with the canoe, and at one point saw Manukynats near the Amherst County shore, but he disappeared after that, according to Nipper. "We haven't found any evidence of anything or anybody, unfortunately," Nipper said around noon Monday as rescue crews pulled in boats after an unsuccessful search. Recent rain churned up the water into a muddy mess, making it difficult for crews to see anything below the surface. "It's a terrible time to be on this water," Nipper said. Search efforts will resume and continue until dark, Nipper said.Police, fire and rescue officials are conducting the search using at least four swift water rescue boats, a helicopter and a drone.

COMMENTS: Manukynats and Charles Hipskind entered the rapids, just south of Balcony Falls, when the canoe capsized. Local paddlers say Hipskind, who was wearing a life jacket, was able to make it ashore. His friend, who was not wearing a PFD, washed downstream and disappeared. Apparently he was a strong swimmer but the river was too much for him.


AMHERST Co., Va. (WSET) - Virginia Conservation Police confirm they found the body of a man who has been missing on the James River since Sunday. They say a worker at the Bedford hydroelectric plant made the discovery just before 8:00 a.m. Friday June 10th

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