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 Whitewater Rafters rescue woman's puppies and brother in Rainelle

By Adam Mayer

Posted: Jun 24, 2016 8:02 PM

RAINELLE -High waters and heavy rainfall through most of Friday morning gave search crews a difficult time in Rainelle trying to rescue the remaining survivors.To help aid in the search for the unaccounted for. Local white water rafting guides grabbed their kayaks and paddles and the streets of Rainelle.I think everybody wanted to pitch in and help out the community the best they can," Shawn Riley said. Riley and Richard Perkins are raft guides for adventures on the gorge. Riley is also a member of the National Guard, producing in the clutch is something he knows well. The pair delivered a heroic save, Riley and Perkins rescued a litter of puppies and several other of Priscilla Woodrum's dogs. "And they went right after them and I didn't even have to wait, they just went," Woodrum said. The puppies weren't the only family members the pair rescued. "And my brother too," she said, "I just can't express my thankfulness to them." As for the water level here, its gone down considerably in Rainelle, but clean up efforts are still a top priority.

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