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From Clay:

First of all, I really don't have the words to thank the people I was with yesterday. I have been on the other end of the rescue many times and done more recoveries than I care to count on the Chattooga. It is a very unique place and holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for allowing me to enjoy it longer.

I have not watched the video yet because I wanted to give an account without corrupting what I remember.

I caught the tiny micro eddy on river left right above Woodall hole. As I peeled out my boat caught a rock, killed speed and I slurped out backwards/sideways left of the hole. I felt the boat pin, head was up but the boat shifted as I was getting bearings on which way to go. My head was just under the surface and I could push on my paddle and watch the water surge and catch a breath in the foam for 3-4 breaths. As the boat settled again I guess my head was about 6" from the surface. I remember feeling for the grab loop and finding rock so I made the decision to push my hand to the surface to give a point of contact. I remember keeping it in the cold air until someone grabbed it. About that time I blacked out and don't remember anything until people were asking me questions.

Solid rescue. I am told Jeremy kept his cool. We have talked a lot about river scenarios and rescue situations. Thankful we get to keep paddling together. Hopefully this video encourages others to get swift water training. Apparently it made a difference here.....

Here's the video:

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