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Report ID# 47

  • Pinned in Boat against Rock or Sieve
  • Does not Apply
  • Other

Accident Description

Eagle Falls on the South Fork of the Skykomish in Washington State is a very nasty drop. It is rated Class VI by  local paddlers. On January 1, 1988 Ray Wiseman, 27, attempted to run it. He spun out on a boulder in the lead-in and dropped over backwards. He pinned sideways in the drop on a protruding boulder and hung there for fifteen monutes before coming free. His friends, who videotaped the mishap, pulled him ashore. CPR was started by a Seattle firefighter who saw the accident while driving down the road and continued for 30 minutes until paramedics arrived. He has life-flighted to a trauma center where he was declared dead three days later.

Source: CNN Video, discussions with local paddlers

Small errors in boat control can have huge consesequences in drops this difficult. Those who seek this type of challenge must never underestimate the risk.

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