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Report ID# 50518

  • Flush Drowning
  • Near Drowning
  • Cold Water
  • Poor Planning
  • High Water

Accident Description

Meant to add this incident some time ago.

Myself and friend spent the early part of the day
On a nearby river deciding early afternoon to run 
Sandy based on quick research and short discussion 
With other local boaters of the current level, Portages 
(If needed). At the time the conditions were high 50
Low 60, partly sunny, and level at slightly below 4000
The takeout of the section is easily found though we did 
We decided against putting in above a section we had been 
Told had log jam. Instead we made our put in down 
A step embankment. On the river we quickly realized 
You are truly in a gorge and that the water level had made the 
Described class III/IV seemingly harder. That said as
Day progressed we approached what we would latter 
Discover was Boulder rapid (thought prior rapid was)
Due to wood right of the main center seen on approach 
We eddied out right of rapid entrance into a adjacent strong
Circulating eddy.  Considering exiting here given it was hour till dark
We hauled one boat up. Eventually after surveying the
Rapid and feeling that we must be close to the takeout 
At the bridge we re entered and eddied out. My partner 
Made the wide eddy into the main stream avoiding a
Large log jam pilled on the river right. I did the same but 
Was pushed back into the pathway of the log jam but hit 
An out stretched log as I passed and flipped. With 
One hand on the paddle I did not roll up and wet exit 
I avoided the center rock and started to make river 
Right to catch an eddy. My friend attempted to slow
To allow me to catch his stern to no avail. Feeling
 my strength fading I knew it wouldn't be long in
 the rapids till I would be struggling to keep my head
I eventually
Caught an eddy and pulled myself onto a rock to a shelf though 
I explored the self but could only find a step cliff
With no real light left and no way out down stream 
Meanwhile my friend had paddled downstream to
Help. I hunkered down for the night after making 
Shelter. Later that night (much later than I initially 
Thought at the time) search and rescue found me.

The purpose for me to tell this incident is to 
Illustrate some core mistakes made of which there
I will let those whom read this draw out the many 
Mistakes made.

I wish to thank my friend whom was himself 
Put in danger having to paddle out alone. To the 
Rescue personnel that left their families and plans
To save me and the kind gentlemen whom
Recovered my gear.

 Lastly the good lord who looks after fools like me.
Returned my gear

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