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From: Joseph Greiner

Subject: Fw: [CCC] info on the "near drowning"

From: Julia Young To:>>

Date: Monday, January 25,>>

Subject: [CCC] info on the "near drowning">>

A bunch of us went out to look at the put in for the lower Haw yesterday and as we got there someone said that 2 guys and their boats just floated by. A bystander went to call 911. 3 or 4 more advanced kayakers jumped in their boats and went downstream to look for them. They were on the island around Lunchstop. By that time we had hiked down to Lunchstop to see if anyone needed help.>>

The 2 kayakers were on the bank and one of the rescuers was ferrying the last boat over. Everyone was fine-the 2 guys looked a little like two deer in the headlights-but otherwise ok. They hiked back with us and one of them told us what had happened. Apparently they had put in at 15/501 and were planning on getting out at 64 bridge where they had parked. They knew they shouldn't paddle the lower. Good for them for knowing better! Unfortunately one guy flipped as he was getting out and got swished down and the other guy took off after his friend-also getting flipped later on. They were very thankful for the rescuing kayaker's help. According to them they were fine except for bruised egos!>>

Rescue vehicles were up on the bridge along with a news camera but there wasn't much for them to do or see and that was the end of it. When the water is raging like that I wonder if the best take out-if you are taking out at 64-- would maybe be the little creek that comes out just after the bridge. We have put in there before, especially now that they have the debris fence up-maybe taking out there would prevent the news media from reporting any more "near drownings"!!!>>

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