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Accident Description

The Roaring Rapids Raft Ride at Six Flags near Arlington, Texas is one of the park’s most popular offerings. On March 22, 1999 Valaria Cartwright, 28, drowned after the raft she was riding in flipped over. It apparently took on water during the ride, started to sink, and finally capsized. Eleven other patrons were able to remove their seat belts, but the victim did not. Several other people seated near Ms. Cartwright were injured badly enough to require hospitalization. It was the first death on the Swiss-made ride since it was installed in 1983.

SOURCE: Arlington Star-Telegram; Doug Pineo; Jeff Peters

On March 22 Valaria Cartwright. 28. drowned after the raft she was riding at Six Flags Whitewater Kingdom in Dallas, Texas capsized. Reports sent by Doug Pineo stated that the other patrons removed their seat belts as the boat swamped, but that the victim did not. The cause is being investigated.

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