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Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000

Re: Death on Salmon River Wednesday 5/31 - anyone know details?

Gregory Owen wrote > A local (to me in Massachusetts) woman died on the Salmon River last Wednesday. However, no one else here has heard any more details. A local paper states: Her body was found floating in the Chime Rapids, on the main part of the river. The section is at a high level because of the spring run-off and is almost all white rapids, John Stroop of the Idaho County sheriff's department told The Patriot Ledger.>

Does anyone have any more details? We've heard that she was with other paddlers, and possibly even a guided trip, or a trip with a local guide along. We don't even know what class that section of the Salmon is. Yesterday morning I heard the report on WBZ radio. She was from Quincy and somewhere between 35-45. She had been missing since last Wednesday and was found Sunday. Sorry, but this is all I remember hearing. It happened in Idaho, as you mentioned. Brian>

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