Accident Database

Report ID# 679

  • Foot Entrapment
  • Does not Apply
  • Inexperience
  • One Boat Trip

Accident Description

Late in the afternoon of July 2nd Alex Kitchen, 28, and his canoeing partner swamped and capsized their canoe in Hollywood Rapids on the James River in Richmond, Virginia. Charles Ware, a long time member of the Coastal Canoeists, who sent press clippings from the Richmond Times-Dispatch, said the pair's boat pinned on "Bradshaw's Rock". As they surveyed their predicament, a young man called for help. He apparently could not swim, and was swept off his feet while wading. The canoeists swam out and pulled him to safety.

A few hours later they attempted to wade out to the canoe to recover their car key, which were in a backpack tied to the boat. During this effort kitchen's foot became caught on the river bottom. His friend tried to help him, but Kitchen slowly lost his balance and was pushed under water. His friend grabbed his life vest, but it came off in his hands. Seconds later his friend was swept away by the current. Kitchen's body was recovered by firefighters from the Richmond Fire Department's River Rescue Team an hour or so later.


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