Accident Database

Report ID# 717

  • Swim into Strainer
  • Does not Apply
  • Cold Water
  • Inadequate Equipment
  • Inexperience
  • One Boat Trip

Accident Description

In the first two reports, cheap rafts and the absence of life vests combined to take a toll on inexperienced floaters. On May 16th a man and his 19 year old stepdaughter attempted to run South Boulder Creek between Rollinsville and Pinecliffe, Colorado. Aaron Weinsheimer, an AW member who was assisting with the search, reports that this serious Class IV creek was carrying 600 cfs. The pair was using a cheap vinyl raft and did not wear life vests. Their boat flipped in a rapid and both passengers were carried downstream. The man made it to shore safely. but the woman, Margaret Murphy, was swept into a strainer at a bridge pier several miles downstream. CW

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