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Another low head dam accident.  With even Wallmart now selling plastic boats, and the entry price to dropping dramatically, making people aware of the dangers of low head dams becomes even more critical.  Perhaps the time has arrived for manufacturers to include some dummy stickers similar to what one finds on power equipment like mowers.  Even some short statements about hypothermia, low head dams, wear a pfd and know the river you want to paddle would help to avoid some of these accidents.  

The body of a second man who drowned in the Scioto River this week has been located.

The Marion Star reported today that the body of 28 year old Raymond Williams, of Marion, was found about a mile downstream from a low head dam where his kayak apparently capsized Monday.

Another victim, 29 year old Tyler Webb, also of Marion, was found Monday evening.

The two experienced kayakers experienced trouble near the low head dam on the Scioto River. Emergency personnel were dispatched to the scene after someone reported seeing a person in the water wearing a life jacket.

One kayak was found near where they entered the water, and the second one was located about a half mile away.

2nd Kayaker's Body Recovered on Central Ohio River

Searchers have found the second body of a kayaker in a central Ohio river.

May 24, 2017, at 11:39 a.m.

MARION, Ohio (AP) — Searchers have found the second body of a kayaker in a central Ohio river. Authorities recovered the body of 28-year-old Raymond Williams in the Scioto River on Wednesday. He and 29-year-old Tyler Webb were kayaking near Marion on Monday. Webb's body was spotted by a fisherman and recovered by rescue teams Monday.

Marion County Sheriff Tim Bailey says it appears they got into trouble almost immediately after launching their kayaks near a lowhead dam.

He says the dams create a deceptively dangerous hydraulic pull that easily trap experienced swimmers.

The sheriff says Webb was wearing a life jacket when he drowned.

Both of the men were from Marion.

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