Accident Database

Report ID# 905

  • Pinned in Boat against Rock or Sieve
  • Does not Apply
  • Other

Accident Description

There was a bad pinning at Dinosaur Rock, located just below Clavey Falls on California’s Tuolumne River. According to posts on, Brent Bradley’s group ran the Class V+ Lower Clavey River on June 16th. After they reached the confluence with the “T,” most of the kayakers decided to sneak Clavey Falls on the right, but Mr. Bradley chose to run a familiar line more toward the center.

His group saw him hit a hole and disappear; they think that he became pinned on Dinosaur Rock because other kayaks have become stuck there. Bradley’s paddle floated free, but there was no other sign of him. The group searched the area thoroughly. They found Mr. Bradley’s PFD, still buckled, and spotted his elbow pad and water bottle. When nothing more could be done they finished the run and notified authorities. Several days later the body had still not been found.

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