Accident Database

Report ID# 919

  • Swim into Rock or Sieve
  • Does not Apply
  • Failed Rescue

Accident Description

This past summer the commercial outfitting community on the Ocoee River was rocked by the death of a veteran guide. Stan Guy, 24, was the head guide at Sunburst Adventures and the son of the company founder. He was leading a trip down the Upper Ocoee on July 7th when the group elected to run “Alien Ledge,” a side chute used to sneak the main chute of “Mikey.” A raft got hung up at the lip of the ledge, and Mr. Guy swam down to it from upstream to assist. An initial report posted to Boatertalk said that Mr. Guy washed under the raft. But according to Patrick Morgan, an experienced local guide, Mr. Guy was pulled underwater just above the raft.

Guides searched the area without success. Then, after the water was turned off, rescue squads found him in an underwater cave nine feet back and 10 feet underwater. The area is apparently riddled with sieves; a rafting guest died near here in a similar incident some years ago. There is no visible warning of the danger.

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