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New Dam Proposed on Tyger River Tributary (SC)

Posted: 04/20/2009
By: Kevin Colburn
South Carolina's Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) has requested public comment regarding a proposed dam on Ferguson Creek, an important tributary to the South Tyger River and popular Tyger River whitewater runs.  DHEC has issued conflicting deadlines for responses (April 13 and April 15), neither of which is consistent with its 30 day policy from the date of public notice--March 31 in the Greenville News.  Please consider writing a letter to DHEC similar to the below asking them to address several concerns.
                    (Your name, address, and date)
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
2600 Bull St.
Columbia, SC  29201
Attn:  Alicia M. Rowe, Division of Water Quality
To Whom It May Concern:
I am writing in response to public notice SAC 2008-01375-81W.  I have several concerns with respect to this project, starting with the inadequate steps DHEC has taken to notify the public with respect to this project.  DHEC has issued conflicting deadlines, both April 13 and April 15, in different publications.  There is no indication that DHEC has listed the project on its website, nor did it circulate the public notice to individuals on the Department's public notice list.  Furthermore, DHEC has failed to give the public 30 days to comment from the date its public notice was issued in the Greenville News, which was March 31.  I request that DHEC extend the deadline for the comment period by 45 days to May 30, 2009.  This extension includes 15 days to allow a 30 day comment period from DHEC's first public notice and an additional 30 day extension for comments on this important topic.
Furthermore, I request DHEC consider the following points with respect to this project:

1) The impact of the proposed project to flows in Ferguson Creek and the South Tyger River;

2) The use of and need for a minimum release regime from the proposed dam in order to ensure the protection of water quality classifications and standards in downstream waterbodies;

3) A detailed description (including proposed locations and techniques) of all mitigation activities for wetland and stream impacts;

4) A detailed description of all steps taken to protect rare, threatened, and endangered species in the vicinity of the proposed project, including Hackelia virginiana;

5) The completion and discussion of a satisfactory alternatives analysis for the proposed project;

6) A detailed description of the size and location of the raw water transmission mains, including a discussion of how (as stated by the applicant) the construction of these facilities will not impact jurisdictional waterways;

7) A description of the location of potential discharges for water supplied originating from this proposed reservoir;

(Your name)

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