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Releases on Bear and West Rosebud This Weekend!

Posted: 07/08/2010
By: Kevin Colburn

The endurance of this spring's high water season has been spectacular, and it is not over!  This weekend there will be releases on Montana's West Rosebud Creek, and Idaho's Bear River.


West Rosebud releases are confirmed for Saturday, July 10.  An additional release is predicted on Sunday the 11th, and will be confirmed on Friday the 9th if flows are above 270 cfs at noon. These releases are relatively subtle increases to existing instream flows and are aimed at providing optimal paddling flows (500cfs).  The flows mitigate a loss of paddling opportunities caused by the upstream dams, and were negotiated by American Whitewater and Beartooth Paddlers.  Learn more about the release protocol, the river levels, the river (see river box to the right), or our efforts (see project box to the right). 


A proposed dam threatens to dewater West Rosebud Creek through the paddling reach.  American Whitewater is working with Beartooth Paddlers to oppose this dam.  If you paddle the river, please take photos and video and share them on the AW site and elsewhere. 


A Black Canyon of the Bear River release is set for Sunday, July 11, 2010, and another release is predicted for Saturday the 10th.  Learn more about the scheduled and forecasted releases, and check the most recent estimated flow prediction at the bottom of this page.  The releases on the Bear reintroduce pulse flows to a long dewatered river reach.  The flows - in concert with new base flows - provide recreational, ecological, and geomorhpology benefits.  The effects that these releases have on the river and its inhabitants are being closely monitored.  


ALERT: Invasive mussels may inhabit the Bear River.  Please empty, dry, and rinse your boat and gear before traveling to any river after paddling the Bear to avoid transmitting tiny mussels into other watersheds.  Visit this site to learn more.     


In addition to these releases, as flows drop in the Swan River over the coming weeks there will be Wednesday evening releases on the Wild Mile in Bigfork Montana.

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Rosebud Creek, West MT

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Bear River Restoration (ID)

Hydropower relicensing on the Bear River offered an opportunity to restore aquatic resources and recreational opportunities on this river.

Swan River, Bigfork Hydro (MT)

AW negotiated scheduled recreational releases, flow information, public access, and land protection as part of a new hydro license on the Swan River in Montana.

West Rosebud (MT)

AW is working with Beartooth Paddlers on the relicensing of the Mystic Lake Hydroelectric Project on West Rosebud Creek

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