Waiting for Rain on the Missisquoi (VT)

Posted: 05/10/2013
By: Bob Nasdor

The long awaited first releases on the Missisquoi River in Sheldon Springs, Vermont, were cancelled due to a lack of rain in the northeast.  The releases were scheduled for the first 6 weekend days in May, but we were forced to cancel the first three weekends while we wait for the rivers to rise.  So put on your booties and do your best rain dance so we can enjoy this big water Class IV run in the bypass reach of the Sheldon Springs Dam, dropping approximately 85 fpm down the mile long run.

Although the dam operator, Enel Green Power, is required under its hydropower license to schedule six annual whitewater releases from the dam, no releases have been scheduled in at least two decades.  In coordination with AW, Enel has agreed to begin scheduling six consecutive weekend releases beginning May 4th and continuing through May 19th. The releases are dependent on there being sufficient flows, so any canceled release will be rescheduled.
This is a great opportunity to paddle big water in the Northeast, and we encourage all of us who are able to support these new releases.  We will be conducting an online survey of boaters to help us identify the optimal levels for boating the Missisquoi. Click here to take survey
Thanks to Enel for working with us to restore the releases. 

Sheldon Springs Rapids, Missisquoi River, VT from Alan Panebaker on Vimeo.

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MISSISQUOI RIVER AT SWANTON, VT (AW#2063) 1270 cfs 00h25m
MISSISQUOI RIVER AT SWANTON, VT (AW#2063) 1.73 ft 00h25m

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