AW Testifies on Vermont Low-Impact Hydro

Posted: 02/05/2014
By: Robert Nasdor

American Whitewater offered testimony on several so-called "low-impact hydro" measures before the Vermont House Committee on Fish, Wildlife & Water Resources. In reality, all hydropower has an impact on rivers, and even small hydropower projects can have significant impacts. In 2012, Vermont passed Act 165, a measure that is intended to lower the costs and the time for approval by FERC of small hydropower projects. In our testimony, AW encouraged the Committee to require state agencies to seek out and consider input from stakeholder groups like American Whitewater before deciding whether to support such projects. Oftentimes, hydropower projects have an adverse impact on boating and other forms of recreation, and we urged the Committee to require the agencies to carefully consider these impacts. In addition, AW joined other groups and individuals in opposing other pending legislation, H.442, that would have prevented the Agency on Natural Resources from fulfilling its responsibilities under the Clean Water Act.   


Act 165 Testimony (2/5/2014)

Testimony before Vermont House Fish & Wildlife Committee

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