Warm Springs Film Premiere Set to Drop in Moab

Posted: 10/27/2014
By: Nathan Fey
Today marks the release of an inspiring, wild ride down the Yampa River documented by our friends at Rig to Flip. Warm Springs is their latest film featuring AW staff and friends from all over Colorado, and delivers a rich and gorgeous portrait of one of the West’s last truly wild rivers through the lens of its most famous rapid, Warm Springs. 
Located in the deep canyons of Dinosaur National Monument on the Yampa River, the rapid is both feared and loved. Nearly 50 years ago, heavy rain produced a large debris flow that burst from side canyons and into the river creating what we know today as Warm Springs Rapid. River rafting was still in its early days at that time and one of the first boatman attempting to navigate the Warm Springs was thrown into the rapid and drowned. 
Since then the rapid has mellowed but still occupies a position of fable and nostalgia in the stories of river lore. Warm Springs is a story full of history, culture and a river that has captured the heart of boatmen and women for generations. 
AW staff will be in Moab this weekend for the premiere. Join us if you can, or check out the trailer here.

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