Boaters Enjoy Annual West River (VT) Release

Posted: 09/29/2015
By: Robert Nasdor

Last weekend, 1500 boaters came out to the West River in Jamaica, VT to enjoy the annual whitewater release from the Army Corps Ball Mountain Dam. The release was up in the air until the last minute due to low reservoir levels caused by the installation of hydropower generators in the dam. Unfortunately, a 2-day release wasn't possible this year due to the lower water levels. AW, along with its partners and affiliate clubs, continues its effort to secure additional opportunities to boat on one of the northeast's most treasured rivers. In the next few months, we will be asking the boating community to provide feedback to Vermont as it considers revisions to its Basin Plan for the West River region. More details will be forthcoming. (Photo by Jayne Todd)

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West River (VT)

Paddlers have long enjoyed and defended the few recreational releases on Vermont's West River. New hydro proposals may offer opportunities or impacts.

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