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Friendsville Boater Etiquette

Posted: 05/17/2007
by Mark Singleton

With additional water in the Upper Yough this summer from a newly negotiated flow schedule it’s time to talk about boater etiquette in Friendsville. Remember that community standards are not the same from one town to the next and the conservative index ranks high in this area. When visiting Friendsville, here are some things to consider in this tight knit community:

Time and time again the local residence complain about boaters changing cloths in the street. We are not talking naked, but under a towel or “Boof” cover or behind a car door. These may be things we (as boaters) think are acceptable. Well, it turns out, that it’s not acceptable to town residence. Their family’s live, work, play and go to church here. They don’t want to see boaters changing in the street. Please make clothing changes behind Mountain Surf in the change rooms.

Be extremely aware of traffic! Park as far off the road as possible. Use commonsense; do not walk out in front of a moving vehicle and when loading boats do not swing your kayak out into traffic.

Do not drink alcohol out in public view, it’s illegal and makes a bad impression.

Refrain from crazy driving maneuvers and slow down.

For those who have time, taking out at the Town Park is a very good idea. It alleviates the high profile scene in town and results in a smaller boater footprint.

Parking down by the church on Water Street is frowned upon.

Tap your friends on the shoulder and remind them of these guidelines while enjoying this outstanding section of whitewater. With just a little decorum we can all go a long way to improving community relations in Friendsville.

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