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AW Seeks Volunteer Board Of Director Nominations For 2013

Posted: 03/17/2012
by Mark Singleton


American Whitewater is seeking nominations of interested and qualified candidates to serve as a Director. We are seeking Directors to begin a three-year term starting January 1, 2013.
A healthy, vibrant, participatory and functional Board of Directors is critical to the long term stability and effective governance of American Whitewater. This requires Directors with a passion for our mission and a mix of appropriate skills to help guide AW and meet the challenges we face, both now and in the future.
While we will consider all qualified candidates, the AW Board has specifically identified the following preferred qualifications and attributes for this nomination cycle:
·      Geographic and gender diversity.
Due to the limited number of Board seats available, not all nominees will appear on the recommend slate of candidates presented to the membership for vote this fall. If you are selected as a final candidate the nominating committee will notify you prior to the election.
Please carefully review the Board of Directors Recruitment Information Package. This package explains the role and responsibility of a Director, the required qualifications, the necessary commitment and the process by which Director’s are nominated and elected to serve.
If you are interested in serving as an AW Director please complete the Board Nomination Form and Questionnaire. You can obtain an electronic copy of this form and the Board of Directors Recruitment Information Package on our website at: Our Organization > Board of Directors > Recruitment Information Package. The completed Nomination Form and Questionnaire, two (2) letters of recommendation and a quality digital photo are due to the nominating committee by July 1. Please email the required information to with a subject heading of "BOD Response."
If you have any questions or wish to discuss any aspect of the nomination process please contact Mark Singleton, AW’s Executive Director.