GCNP: Letter to AW Counsel from Arnberger(5/9/2000)

Posted: 01/16/2002
By: Jason Robertson
Letter from Park Service responding to initial contact between American Whitewater's attorney and Grand Canyon's Superintendent Arnberger.

MAY 09 2000

Henry B. Lacey
Attorney at Law
120 N. San Francisco St.
Flagstaff, Arizona 86001-5232

Dear Mr. Lacey:

I have now reviewed your April 7, 2000 letter more carefully and have discussed it at some length with my legal counsel. I truly regret that your clients disagree so vehemently with certain management decisions at Grand Canyon National Park, including my recent decision to suspend the park's efforts to develop an integrated Backcountrv Management Plan. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that all of the decisions about which your clients complain are within the range of the National Park Service's legitimate discretionary authority. I also remain convinced that the park is being managed in a manner consistent with all legal mandates. My legal counsel concurs with those determinations. Accordingly, I am not reversing my decision to suspend those planning efforts.

If further discussion on any of the substantive issues of concern to your clients would be helpful, I would be happy to meet with them, or with you and them, at a mutually convenient time.

Signed Steve Bone for Robert L. Arnberger Superintendent

Jason Robertson

635 Joseph Cir

Golden, CO 80403-2349

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