Boyd Ruppelt
Lakeland, TN
22 years old

been paddling for 14 years

Hometown: Lakeland, TN


Jackson Kayak



Native Eyewear

Fortress Watches

Werner Paddles

GAIA Paddlesports

Snap Dragon

Kayaking for me was a dream I had when I was just a tiny kid in front of the TV watching the Kayaking Olympics. It was a passion before I even got in a boat for the first time! I started kayaking at 8 years old in a borrowed pink Dancer xs. After house cleaning and yard work for my parents and grandparents I evenually paid for my own kayak, an EPI 1000 (for those that remember). I must have been the happiest kid in the world that day, with my own small kayak and into the greatest sport on the planet! At 15 or 16 years old a new friend got me into creeking and I fell in love all over again! Something about slides and waterfalls always brought an extra big grin to my face... becoming a passion like no other! Shortly after I picked up my first sponsors and later my girlfriend, Samantha Brunner, got into kayaking and photography. She drove me forward to go after my dream to kayak more and more! She showed me I could step it up and through her pictures, made kayaking professionally for me possible. Now, at 22 years old and having paddled for over 14 years, I travel with Sam, having amazing "Kavu days" and good times with our friends on rivers all over the country! We take pictures and video of our adventures and work hard to thank the ones who make it possible, our family and our sponsors. Our focus is reaching out and helping others to enjoy life and living the way we do, with all the heart and soul we can muster! Aside from kayaking, I'm a full time pre-physical therapy student at the University of Memphis as a Biology Major concentrating in Microbiology & Molecular Cell Sciences, working hard to paddle as often as I can from here. More importantly I am all about living life to the fullest, leaving the most positive influence where I can along the way. I LOVE snowboarding, climbing, caving, backpacking, and more... usually anything outside, active, and with friends!

My paddling philosophy in short: It's not about a rush or self promotion for sponsorships... it's about loving life, every moment, and living the good life no matter what it all throws at me. Kayaking is a single moment of perfection, one peaceful line through a mass of chaos, that lasts forever in my heart and soul. I want to share that feeling with the world! It allows me to excel with friendships and with life, to push myself beyond my personal limitations and fears, into a life full of love for living! Life is too short to waste it on what society tells us is important. Life is about love, friends, growth on every level of being, and sharing that with everyone... leaving everything and everyone better than you found them, hopefully leaving them to do the same for others.