Document - Clackamas River Ranger District Fire Closure, June 2021 Letter


In reviewing available data about the recent wildfires and by observation, and conversation with local agencies who have been able to make preliminary assessments of the site(s), boating access and river access sites in the Clackamas River corridor were less impacted than other areas. Further, Portland General Electric has publicly stated that they would assist with any hazard tree mitigation that needs to be done at the river access sites they manage; 11 these sites encompass a relatively small area. Our conversations with the Oregon State Marine Board indicate support for an inclusive and collaborative process to further assess site conditions, and plan for restoration and re-opening of these sites. We request a site visit and opportunity to discuss our concerns and a timeline for opening a portion of the river corridor for day use as soon as possible. If the Forest Service intends to further extend the closure, we request that appropriate actions under NEPA be initiated to provide an opportunity for public input, evaluate extraordinary circumstances, and document the decision process. We also request that the Forest Service prepare a case file and a use a decision memo for any extension of this closure as well as for all future closures.


Letter from American Whitewater and outfitting and guiding community regarding concerns with the fire closure order.

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