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American Whitewater has been recognized as the experts for whitewater safety for over 60 years and is actively called upon to provide input on safety messaging for signage at river access points across the country. It is vital that the valuable information the organization shares be supplied in a way that allows the message to come across clearly, ensures there is no visual confusion about the content, and that its communication serves a purpose and is noticed and accessible by river users. Building an “open-source toolbox” that supplies designers and river managers with coherent signage elements and other visual assets that have consistent messaging, iconography and graphic elements will improve river safety and standardize resources and materials being used for river recreation sites. Supported by research and industry expertise, the following document has been developed to create a comprehensive signage and graphics program that will improve communication, safety, and awareness. This document is to also prevent, protect, and improve the items listed in the chart below.


An open source toolbox for river managers to use that is primarily focused on river safety.

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