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As river conservation enters the new millennium, conservation advocates are increasingly faced with the challenge of demonstrating to local communities that protecting rivers is a sound economic investment as well as good environmental and social policy. Anecdotal information about increased recreation/tourism dollars, enhanced property values, and municipal savings in drinking water protection abounds. But how many documented studies with sound methodologies have actually been conducted to confirm these assertions? The National Park Service’s Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance Program (hereafter referred to as “Rivers & Trails”) conducted a literature search and concluded that there is little information that addresses the economic benefits of river conservation. Staff found that even the available information is not presented in a forum easily accessible to the general public. The Economics of River Conservation: An Annotated Bibliography is an effort to document, enhance and share knowledge of the economic benefits of conserved rivers. It offers an extensive list of studies, papers, and articles on this subject, with summaries of their content. It is the authors’ intent that the studies presented in this bibliography will get further recognition and increased use, and that researchers will continue to add to this body of knowledge through further study and documentation.


An annotated bibliography documenting the economic benefits of conserved rivers.

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