Barbour Creek at Barbour Lane nr Eufaula, AL USA-ALB

Data courtesy of USGS. Each station record is considered PROVISIONAL until the data are published. Data users are cautioned to consider carefully the provisional nature of the information before using it for decisions that concern personal or public safety or the conduct of business that involves substantial monetary or operational consequences.

Source Gauge's Page

Current Conditions

Reading of "n/a" = Frozen or Gage Error
7.65 ft -0.00 ft/hr Feet Stage 47 minutes ago

Station Description

AW Gauge ID: 275109
Source: usgs
Station: 02342997
Enabled yes
Retired Date: none
HUC: 03130003
Phonetic Name: n/a
Calculation: directly read
Latitude: 31.888386
Longitude: -85.194767

Gage Location

Gage Reading Last Updated
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