Toccoa near Dial USA-GEO

Data is courtesy of TVA. These provisional data have not been reviewed or edited, and may be subject to significant change.

Source Gauge's Page

Current Conditions

Reading of "n/a" = Frozen or Gage Error
880 cfs -0 cfs/hr Flow 1 year ago
2.66 ft -0.00 ft/hr Feet Stage 1 year ago

Station Description

AW Gauge ID: 50477
Source: tva
Station: td019
Enabled yes
Retired Date: none
HUC: unknown
Phonetic Name: n/a
Calculation: directly read
Latitude: 0.000000
Longitude: 0.000000

Gage Location

Sea Creek GA
Sea Creek
Sea Creek
Sea Creek
Gage Reading Last Updated
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