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Gauges List

State Partl. Name Incl. All
Disclaimer Data Sources
State Source Name Type Reading Updated
USA-ALK noaa-alaq9 Aishihik Lake near Aishihik (AW#76662) Feet Stage 9.72 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-araq9 Aishihik River below Aishihik Lake (AW#76758) Feet Stage 11.00 ft 01h35m
USA-ALK usgs-15129120 ALSEK R AT DRY BAY NR YAKUTAT AK (AW#50775) Feet Stage 7.58 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-alsq9 Alsek River above Bates River (AW#76697) Feet Stage 25.13 ft 01h54m
USA-ALK noaa-alea2 Alsek River at Dry Bay (AW#76674) Feet Stage 7.58 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-anta2 Anchorage at Anchorage (AW#76738) Feet Stage 23.81 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-apba2 Anchor River at Anchor Point (AW#140008) Feet Stage 12.61 ft 02h58m
USA-ALK noaa-apta2 Anchor River at New Sterling Hwy (AW#76754) Feet Stage 3.91 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-aaka2 Antler River near Auke Bay (AW#76588) Feet Stage 29.07 ft 02h28m
USA-ALK noaa-bgcq9 Big Creek at KM 1084.8 Alaska Highway (AW#77004) Feet Stage 11.54 ft 01h39m
USA-ALK noaa-bcta2 Birch Creek above 12 Mile Creek (AW#223728) Feet Stage 0.00 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-brta2 Bradley River near Homer (AW#77250) Feet Stage 4.83 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15274600 CAMPBELL C NR SPENARD AK (AW#36157) Feet Stage 18.79 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-ccsa2 Campbell Creek near Dimond (AW#77470) Feet Stage 18.77 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15514000 CHENA R AT FAIRBANKS AK (AW#35629) Feet Stage 0.87 ft 89h43m
USA-ALK noaa-chfa2 Chena River at Fairbanks (AW#77535) Feet Stage 0.87 ft 89h43m
USA-ALK noaa-ucha2 Chena River at Mile 40 Bridge (AW#82060) Feet Stage 16.92 ft 4d08h58m
USA-ALK noaa-chra2 Chester Creek at Arctic Blvd (AW#77552) Feet Stage 2.24 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-crwa2 Chignik River below Chignik Lake (AW#221067) Feet Stage 3.79 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-ckta2 Chilkat River near Klukwan (AW#77588) Feet Stage 120.42 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15056500 CHILKAT R NR KLUKWAN AK (AW#51489) Feet Stage 120.42 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-clea2 Clear Creek near Hog River (AW#77611) Feet Stage 3.74 ft 02h28m
USA-ALK noaa-crua2 Colville River at Umiat (AW#77836) Feet Stage 54.16 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-mdba2 Copper River at Million Dollar bridge (AW#79830) Feet Stage 133.06 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-ccta2 Copper River near Chitina (AW#77472) Feet Stage 14.72 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-crva2 Cordova at Cordova (AW#77837) Feet Stage 3.74 ft 01h41m
USA-ALK usgs-15304010 CROOKED C AB AIRPORT RD NR CROOKED CREEK AK (AW#36852) Feet Stage 11.43 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-ckda2 Crooked Creek at Airport Rd Bridge (AW#98653) Feet Stage 11.43 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-dcka2 Dahl Creek near Kobuk (AW#77963) Feet Stage 4.34 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-depa2 Deep Creek (Alaska) at Sterling Highway near Ninilchik (AW#219802) Feet Stage 15.95 ft 02h58m
USA-ALK noaa-erla2 Eagle River at Fort Richardson (AW#139403) Feet Stage 5.92 ft 17h58m
USA-ALK noaa-erba2 Eagle River at Glenn Hwy Bridge (AW#78297) Feet Stage 3.98 ft 05h59m
USA-ALK noaa-egga2 Egegik River near King Salmon (AW#109684) Feet Stage 7.15 ft 01h28m
USA-ALK noaa-ekla2 Eklutna Lake near Eklutna (AW#78222) Feet Stage 853.92 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-elfa2 Elfin Cove at Elfin Cove (AW#78228) Feet Stage 2.90 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-eyaa2 Eyak River at Bridge (AW#90088) Feet Stage 16.56 ft 03h58m
USA-ALK noaa-flsa2 Falls Creek (AK) near Petersburg (AW#202857) Feet Stage 18.83 ft 03h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15502000 FISH C BL SOLO C NR CHATANIKA AK (AW#50226) Feet Stage 24.07 ft 00h28m
USA-ALK noaa-fcca2 Fish Creek near Chatanika (AW#78361) Feet Stage 24.07 ft 01h28m
USA-ALK noaa-fcka2 Fish Creek near Ketchikan (AW#78368) Feet Stage 1.00 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-nuia2 Fish Creek near Nuiqsut (AW#80418) Feet Stage 18.91 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-fmra2 Fortymile River above Fortymile River at Taylor Hwy (AW#78444) Feet Stage 67.84 ft 4d08h58m
USA-ALK noaa-fmma2 Fortymile River at Mosquito Fork (AW#82827) Feet Stage 12.55 ft 05h59m
USA-ALK noaa-fmsa2 Fortymile River at South Fork (AW#99473) Feet Stage 81.73 ft 05h59m
USA-ALK noaa-fmwa2 Fortymile River at West Fork (AW#82828) Feet Stage 8.63 ft 05h59m
USA-ALK noaa-gicq9 Giltana Creek near Mouth (AW#78636) Feet Stage 1.72 ft 01h35m
USA-ALK usgs-15272502 GLACIER C AT ALYESKA HIGHWAY AT GIRDWOOD, AK (AW#224458) Feet Stage 23.92 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-gcga2 Glacier Creek at Girdwood (AW#99366) Feet Stage 23.91 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-gsca2 Goldstream Creek near Fairbanks (AW#82632) Feet Stage 12.23 ft 20h59m
USA-ALK noaa-glsa2 Goldstream Creek near Livengood (AW#78676) Feet Stage 43.86 ft 4d08h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15058700 GOVERNMENT C NR KETCHIKAN AK (AW#49183) Feet Stage 13.29 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-gova2 Government Creek near Ketchikan (AW#78710) Feet Stage 13.31 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-groa2 Grouse Lake at Grouse Creek (AW#78755) Feet Stage 4.56 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-01589238 GWYNNS FALLS TRIBUTARY AT MCDONOGH, MD (AW#7923) Flow 0 cfs 01h13m
USA-ALK usgs-01589238 GWYNNS FALLS TRIBUTARY AT MCDONOGH, MD (AW#7923) Feet Stage 0.16 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK usgs-15086225 HATCHERY C AT FOREST RD 30 NR COFFMAN COVE AK (AW#201340) Alt. Stage in Feet 6.33 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15086225 HATCHERY C AT FOREST RD 30 NR COFFMAN COVE AK (AW#201340) Feet Stage 6.32 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-hcca2 Hatchery Creek near Coffman Cove (AW#227904) Feet Stage 6.31 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-hula2 Hulahula River near Kaktovik (AW#79066) Feet Stage 20.20 ft 4d08h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15820000 IKPIKPUK R BL FRY C NR ALAKTAK AK (AW#35850) Feet Stage 21.81 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-ikpa2 Ikpikpuk River near Barrow (AW#99574) Feet Stage 21.90 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-ilra2 Iliamna River near Pedro Bay (AW#79114) Feet Stage 55.39 ft 41h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15087700 INDIAN R AT SITKA AK (AW#168910) Feet Stage 20.79 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15087700 INDIAN R AT SITKA AK (AW#168910) Flow 45 cfs 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-irva2 Indian River at Sitka (AW#99563) Feet Stage 20.80 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-iskq2 Iskut River below Johnson River (AW#79151) Feet Stage 4.72 ft 03h43m
USA-ALK noaa-jrda2 Jordan Creek near Juneau (AW#79237) Feet Stage 7.66 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-jdya2 Judy Creek near Nuiqsut (AW#79191) Feet Stage 22.58 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-jnea2 Juneau at Juneau (AW#79224) Feet Stage 4.59 ft 01h41m
USA-ALK noaa-krwa2 Kashwitna River near Willow (AW#79360) Feet Stage 172.40 ft 22h59m
USA-ALK river-22 Kenai-Kenai Lake (Sterling Highway) to Skilak Lake (AW#37205) Status running 00h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15258000 KENAI R AT COOPER LANDING AK (AW#5177) Feet Stage 5.59 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15258000 KENAI R AT COOPER LANDING AK (AW#5177) Flow 626 cfs 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-cooa2 Kenai River at Cooper Landing (AW#77748) Feet Stage 5.63 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-sxra2 Kenai River at Soldotna (AW#81815) Feet Stage 8.97 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-skla2 Kenai River below Skilak Lake (AW#81498) Feet Stage 6.60 ft 02h28m
USA-ALK noaa-keca2 Ketchikan at Ketchikan (AW#79280) Feet Stage 4.75 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-flla2 Ketchikan Creek at Fawn Lake (AW#219357) Feet Stage 329.30 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-kdla2 Ketchikan Creek at Ketchikan Lakes Dam (AW#171257) Feet Stage 334.32 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-klua2 Klutina River at Copper Center (AW#79326) Feet Stage 10.21 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-kiaa2 Kobuk River near Kiana (AW#136805) Feet Stage 40.59 ft 4d08h43m
USA-ALK noaa-ktia2 Koktuli River near Iliamna (AW#79370) Feet Stage 17.29 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15302812 KOKWOK R 22 MI AB NUSHAGAK R NR EKWOK AK (AW#199786) Feet Stage 12.54 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-kwka2 Kokwok River above Nushagak River near Ekwok (AW#219451) Feet Stage 12.54 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-kzta2 Kotzebue Sound at Kotzebue (AW#219452) Feet Stage -1.99 ft 36h59m
USA-ALK usgs-15303900 KUSKOKWIM R AT LISKYS CROSSING NR STONY RIVER AK (AW#5191) Feet Stage 28.07 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-beta2 Kuskokwim River at Bethel (AW#99459) Feet Stage 0.70 ft 12h59m
USA-ALK noaa-cjxa2 Kuskokwim River at Crooked Creek (AW#77580) Feet Stage 2.68 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-klca2 Kuskokwim River at Liskys Crossing (AW#79317) Feet Stage 28.07 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-lsca2 Leask Creek at Shelter Cove (AW#228021) Feet Stage 20.78 ft 02h28m
USA-ALK usgs-15068040 LEASK CREEK AT SHELTER COVE NR KETCHIKAN AK (AW#224719) Feet Stage 20.78 ft 00h28m
USA-ALK usgs-15226620 LOWE R AB HORSETAIL FALLS NR VALDEZ AK (AW#99530) Feet Stage 2.95 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-lhfa2 Lowe River above Horsetail Falls near Valdez (AW#99543) Feet Stage 2.96 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-maca2 MacLaren River at Denali Hwy (AW#99532) Feet Stage 3.71 ft 02h58m
USA-ALK usgs-01594950 MCMILLAN F NEAR FORT PENDLETON, MD (AW#7487) Flow 15 cfs 00h28m
USA-ALK usgs-01594950 MCMILLAN F NEAR FORT PENDLETON, MD (AW#7487) Feet Stage 1.31 ft 00h28m
USA-ALK noaa-mdea2 Meade River at Atqasuk (AW#79833) Feet Stage 30.63 ft 4d08h58m
USA-ALK noaa-mnda2 Mendenhall Lake at Lake Level (AW#79999) Feet Stage 1.13 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK river-3172 Mendenhall-Mendenhall Lake to Riverside Drive (AW#40361) Status too low 00h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15052500 MENDENHALL R NR AUKE BAY AK (AW#5162) Feet Stage 1.13 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15052500 MENDENHALL R NR AUKE BAY AK (AW#5162) Flow 53 cfs 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-brma2 Middle Fork Bradley River near Homer (AW#77228) Feet Stage 9.20 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-mcaa2 Montana Creek at Mendenhall Loop Bridge (AW#79784) Feet Stage 11.14 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-mona2 Montana Creek at Parks Highway Bridge (AW#99453) Feet Stage 5.33 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15283700 MOOSE C NR PALMER AK (AW#5370) Feet Stage 11.06 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-mooa2 Moose Creek near Palmer (AW#80050) Feet Stage 11.06 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK usgs-15310002 MOSQUITO FORK 2 MI BL KECHUMSTUK C NR CHICKEN AK (AW#136822) Feet Stage 42.91 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-mkea2 Mosquito Fork below Kechumstuk (AW#139958) Feet Stage 42.93 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-nkta2 Nikiski at Nikiski (AW#80331) Feet Stage 12.47 ft 01h41m
USA-ALK noaa-nina2 Ninilchik River at Ninilchik Road Bridge (AW#97768) Feet Stage 6.50 ft 02h58m
USA-ALK noaa-nirq9 Nisling River below Onion Creek (AW#80318) Feet Stage 46.61 ft 01h39m
USA-ALK usgs-15580095 NIUKLUK R AB MELSING C AT COUNCIL AK (AW#57823) Feet Stage 8.57 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-nrca2 Niukluk River at Council (AW#80383) Feet Stage 8.60 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-nmta2 Nome at Nome (AW#80354) Feet Stage 0.00 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-noca2 Nome Creek above Beaver Creek (AW#80359) Feet Stage 3.13 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-ulra2 Norton Sound at Unalakleet (AW#223837) Feet Stage -0.93 ft 01h41m
USA-ALK noaa-nrda2 Nuyakuk River near Dillingham (AW#80385) Feet Stage 2.90 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-obra2 O'Brien Creek at Taylor Hwy (AW#99472) Feet Stage 63.60 ft 35h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15085100 OLD TOM C NR KASAAN AK (AW#47584) Flow 15 cfs 00h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15085100 OLD TOM C NR KASAAN AK (AW#47584) Feet Stage 1.76 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-otca2 Old Tom Creek near Kasaan (AW#80552) Feet Stage 1.76 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-pryc1 Pacific Ocean Point Reyes Tide gage (AW#219602) Feet Stage 4.13 ft 01h41m
USA-ALK noaa-prxq9 Pelly River at Pelly Crossing (AW#80881) Feet Stage 7.80 ft 02h09m
USA-ALK noaa-phla2 Phelan Creek near base of Gulkana Glacier (AW#80702) Feet Stage 7.17 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-proq9 Porcupine River below Old Crow River (AW#80859) Feet Stage 32.06 ft 01h54m
USA-ALK noaa-prbq9 Porcupine River near Canada Border (AW#80832) Feet Stage 23.13 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-plxa2 Port Alexander at Port Alexander (AW#80769) Feet Stage 3.00 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-prda2 Prudhoe Bay at Prudhoe Bay (AW#80838) Feet Stage 1.19 ft 01h52m
USA-ALK noaa-rdca2 Red Cloud River at Anton Larson Bay Road (AW#219619) Feet Stage 97.26 ft 03h04m
USA-ALK noaa-rcta2 Red Cloud River near Red Cloud River Trail (AW#231407) Feet Stage 19.60 ft 02h28m
USA-ALK usgs-15297475 RED CLOUD R TR NR KODIAK AK (AW#229636) Feet Stage 19.61 ft 00h28m
USA-ALK noaa-rdda2 Red Dog Dock at Red Dog Dock (AW#81014) Feet Stage 0.32 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-rcba2 Russell Creek near Cold Bay (AW#80983) Feet Stage 26.71 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-sgra2 Sagavanirktok River at Pump Station #3 (AW#81423) Feet Stage 17.06 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15908000 SAGAVANIRKTOK R NR PUMP STA 3 AK (AW#37115) Feet Stage 17.05 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-sala2 Salcha River at Richardson Hwy Bridge (AW#81260) Feet Stage 7.39 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15484000 SALCHA R NR SALCHAKET AK (AW#5199) Feet Stage 7.39 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-scna2 Salmon Creek (Alaska) at Nash Road in Seward (AW#219858) Feet Stage 6.93 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-scja2 Salmon Creek (Alaska) near Juneau (AW#81321) Feet Stage 1.51 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15057596 SALMON R AT GUSTAVUS AK (AW#100823) Feet Stage 8.69 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15057596 SALMON R AT GUSTAVUS AK (AW#100823) Flow 32 cfs 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-sama2 Salmon River at Gustavus (AW#140020) Feet Stage 8.70 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-slma2 Salmon River near Hyder (AW#81518) Feet Stage 17.25 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK usgs-15008000 SALMON R NR HYDER AK (AW#45639) Feet Stage 17.25 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK usgs-373025122065901 SAN FRANCISCO BAY A OLD DUMBARTON BR NR NEWARK CA (AW#50235) Feet Stage 3.33 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-ryac1 San Francisco Bay Cayote Creek tide gage (AW#219632) Feet Stage 2.72 ft 02h34m
USA-ALK noaa-rcmc1 San Francisco Bay Richmond Tide gage (AW#219612) Feet Stage 3.15 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-ftpc1 San Francisco Bay San Francisco Tide gage (AW#219369) Feet Stage 3.46 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-jrsc1 San Joaquin River at Jersey Point (AW#219444) Feet Stage 3.75 ft 03h28m
USA-ALK cdec-SJJ SAN JOAQUIN RIVER AT JERSEY POINT (USGS) (AW#43166) Feet Stage 3.75 ft 03h28m
USA-ALK cdec-SJJ SAN JOAQUIN RIVER AT JERSEY POINT (USGS) (AW#43166) Flow -29900 cfs 03h28m
USA-ALK usgs-15088000 SAWMILL C NR SITKA AK (AW#49086) Feet Stage 11.14 ft 00h28m
USA-ALK usgs-15088000 SAWMILL C NR SITKA AK (AW#49086) Flow 90 cfs 00h28m
USA-ALK noaa-scoa2 Scottie Creek at Alaska Hwy (AW#88361) Feet Stage 27.51 ft 13h29m
USA-ALK noaa-ovia2 Seldovia at Seldovia (AW#80567) Feet Stage 5.83 ft 01h41m
USA-ALK usgs-15276000 SHIP C NR ANCHORAGE AK (AW#5183) Feet Stage 4.47 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK river-4131 Ship Creek-Artic Vally Rd. put-in to bridge (AW#41320) Status too low 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-itka2 Sitka at Sitka (AW#79156) Feet Stage 3.06 ft 01h41m
USA-ALK noaa-srya2 Situk River near Yakutat (AW#81686) Feet Stage 65.02 ft 01h28m
USA-ALK usgs-15271000 SIXMILE C NR HOPE AK (AW#5182) Feet Stage 7.94 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-sixa2 Sixmile Creek near Hope (AW#81488) Feet Stage 7.94 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-skta2 Skagway at Skagway (AW#81502) Feet Stage 4.25 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-skga2 Skagway River at Skagway River Bridge (AW#87850) Feet Stage 21.89 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-slaa2 Slate Creek at Coldfoot (AW#81506) Feet Stage 18.67 ft 4d08h43m
USA-ALK noaa-snoa2 Snow River near Seward (AW#81584) Feet Stage 5.83 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-sgla2 Solomon Gulch Creek near Valdez (AW#81421) Feet Stage 10.05 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-scka2 Staney Creek near Klawock (AW#81323) Feet Stage 8.27 ft 01h28m
USA-ALK noaa-srmq9 Stewart River at Mouth (AW#81673) Feet Stage 79.57 ft 01h39m
USA-ALK noaa-sttq2 Stikine River at Telegraph Creek (AW#81753) Feet Stage 5.61 ft 01h39m
USA-ALK noaa-stka2 Stikine River near Mouth (AW#81725) Feet Stage 6.59 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK usgs-15024800 STIKINE R NR WRANGELL AK (AW#5160) Feet Stage 6.59 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK noaa-suda2 Susitna River at Denali Hwy (AW#81768) Feet Stage 10.51 ft 03h02m
USA-ALK noaa-gcsa2 Susitna River at Gold Creek (AW#78597) Feet Stage 8.64 ft 58h28m
USA-ALK noaa-suna2 Susitna River at Parks Hwy Bridge (AW#81773) Feet Stage 14.41 ft 36h59m
USA-ALK noaa-tyaa2 Taiya River near Skagway (AW#82045) Feet Stage 12.53 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-tkua2 Taku River near Canada Border (AW#81912) Feet Stage 30.14 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-trta2 Talkeetna River above RR Bridge (AW#82006) Feet Stage 4.44 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK usgs-15292700 TALKEETNA R NR TALKEETNA AK (AW#7286) Feet Stage 4.45 ft 01h13m
USA-ALK usgs-15485500 TANANA R AT FAIRBANKS AK (AW#5200) Feet Stage 19.22 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15515500 TANANA R AT NENANA AK (AW#37110) Feet Stage 3.13 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-tafa2 Tanana River at Fairbanks (AW#81827) Feet Stage 19.23 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-enna2 Tanana River at Nenana (AW#78277) Feet Stage 3.12 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-tlna2 Tanana River at Tetlin Bridge (AW#81923) Feet Stage 30.90 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-tatq9 Tatshenshini River near Dalton Post (AW#81832) Feet Stage 14.71 ft 01h50m
USA-ALK noaa-kdka2 Terror River near Kodiak (AW#79276) Feet Stage 1.35 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-toga2 Togiak River near Togiak (AW#81951) Feet Stage 2.04 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-tnua2 Tununak at Tununak (AW#113090) Feet Stage 6.82 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK noaa-tmra2 Twentymile River at Seward Highway (AW#219766) Feet Stage 9.80 ft 02h04m
USA-ALK noaa-tywa2 Tyee Lake Outlet near Wrangell (AW#82055) Feet Stage 1324.70 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15019990 TYEE LK OUTLET NR WRANGELL AK (AW#45659) Feet Stage 1324.70 ft 00h58m
USA-ALK noaa-ubla2 Ublutuoch River near Nuiqsut (AW#82057) Feet Stage 7.88 ft 02h13m
USA-ALK noaa-brua2 Upper Bradley River near Homer (AW#77255) Feet Stage 8.31 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-unra2 Upper Nuka River near Park Boundary (AW#82073) Feet Stage 0.15 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK usgs-15227090 VALDEZ GLACIER R AT VALDEZ GLACIER LK NR VALDEZ AK (AW#197136) Feet Stage 13.59 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-vgsa2 Valdez Glacier Stream at Valdez Glacier (AW#219767) Feet Stage 13.59 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-wdca2 Wade Crk at MP 85 Taylor Hwy (AW#219720) Feet Stage 0.76 ft 01h43m
USA-ALK noaa-wcsa2 West Creek near Skagway (AW#99659) Feet Stage 15.66 ft 35h58m
USA-ALK noaa-whrq9 White River near Beaver Creek (AW#82313) Feet Stage 74.45 ft 01h39m
USA-ALK noaa-wlda2 Whitman Creek at Whitman Lake Dam (AW#171258) Feet Stage 364.98 ft 01h58m
USA-ALK usgs-15294005 WILLOW C NR WILLOW AK (AW#6735) Feet Stage 1.85 ft 00h43m
USA-ALK noaa-yata2 Yakutat at Yakutat (AW#82538) Feet Stage 2.81 ft 01h47m
USA-ALK noaa-ywrq9 Yukon River above White River (AW#82567) Feet Stage 32.13 ft 02h39m