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Riffle at Race Creek  (875.93KB .jpg)

Towards the end  (549.25KB .jpg)

Bait Creek Camp  (486.42KB .jpg)

Wolf Creek Rapid  (757.42KB .jpg)

Jims Creek Rapid  (816.78KB .jpg)

Three Links Creek Pack Bridge  (629.47KB .jpg)

Tango Bar Camp  (570.58KB .jpg)

Packrafts on the Selway  (746.10KB .jpg)

Osprey Rapid  (785.66KB .jpg)

Meeker Rapid  (805.78KB .jpg)

Puzzle Creek  (494.35KB .jpg)

Little Niagara  (558.77KB .jpg)

Wa Roots Rapid  (801.38KB .jpg)

Wa Roots Rapid  (753.95KB .jpg)

Double Drop, bottom drop  (755.65KB .jpg)

Double Drop, top drop  (744.09KB .jpg)

Moose Creek  (671.10KB .jpg)

Tony Point Pack Bridge  (633.99KB .jpg)

Ham  (794.38KB .jpg)

Green Eggs (aka False Ham)  (764.47KB .jpg)

Bear Creek Confluence  (732.72KB .jpg)

Bear Creek Confluence  (883.31KB .jpg)

Selway Lodge Packbridge  (585.96KB .jpg)

Shearer Airstrip  (705.68KB .jpg)

Goat Creek Rapid  (770.47KB .jpg)

Goat Creek Rapid  (753.47KB .jpg)

Running Creek Pack Bridge  (647.81KB .jpg)

Paradise Put-in boat slide  (796.34KB .jpg)

Paradise Put-in  (591.76KB .jpg)

Paradise Put-in  (680.14KB .jpg)

on Yellowstone @1. Gardiner to Cinnabar  (244.09KB .jpg)

on Klamath @05. Iron Gate Dam to Sarah Totten CG   (1.89MB .jpg)

on Klamath @09. Ishi Pishi Bridge to Orleans (Ikes)   (665.22KB .jpg)

on Klamath @08. Coon Creek to Ishi Pishi Falls  (527.65KB .jpg)

on Klamath @07. Happy Camp to Coon Creek  (744.96KB .jpg)

Ryan Smith  (155.91KB .jpg)

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