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  (239.50KB .jpg)

Social distance, for sure  (2.32MB .jpg)

Michael Deckert  (155.54KB .jpg)

  (573.06KB .jpg)

  (0.00B .)

  (217.64KB .jpg)

  (188.12KB .jpg)

  (115.73KB .jpg)

  (147.96KB .jpg)

  (116.27KB .jpg)

Catawba, North Fork @Route 1559 to Route 1552 Bridge  (1.74MB .jpg)

Nice Mill Dam at 650 cfs  (0.00B .)

  (138.73KB .jpg)

  (121.61KB .jpg)

  (1.54MB .jpg)

  (2.13MB .jpg)

  (1.68MB .jpg)

  (1.41MB .jpg)

  (1.25MB .jpg)

  (86.76KB .jpg)

  (338.83KB .jpg)

495 Pile Up  (2.47MB .jpg)

on Wills Creek @Fairhope to Hyndman  (130.20KB .jpg)

Tom Sutherland  (1.00MB .jpg)

  (223.84KB .jpg)

Pleasant (Presumpscot trib) @U.S. 302 to River Rd.  (308.85KB .jpg)

riffle  (88.28KB .jpg)

on Quartzville Creek @Above Gregg Creek to Green Peter Reservoir  (586.76KB .jpg)

on Pack @3) Upper: Gorgette  (608.33KB .jpg)

  (710.82KB .jpg)

Matt Jackson  (2.17MB .jpg)

Put-in  (1.09MB .jpg)

Take-out on Scanwea Reservoir  (2.13MB .jpg)

on Pack @1) Upper: Grottos  (127.27KB .jpg)

on Pack @2) Upper: The Slides  (541.04KB .jpg)

on Pack @2) Upper: The Slides  (567.61KB .jpg)

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