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Bear @Petoskey: Sheridan Street to Lake (1.15 mile)  (552.53KB .jpg)

on Bear @Petoskey: Sheridan Street to Lake (1.15 mile)  (552.53KB .jpg)

Salmon River  (492.30KB .jpg)

on Potomac @0.2 Paw Paw Tunnel Campground to Fifteen Mile Creek Boat Landing  (519.86KB .jpg)

Paw Paw Sorel Ridge  (519.86KB .jpg)

Paw Paw rocks  (356.65KB .jpg)

on Champion Creek @Gorge 1 mile above Brice Creek to Brice Creek  (271.74KB .jpg)

on Beaver Creek @Troutdale Road to Kiku City Park  (319.42KB .jpg)

on Glacier Creek (Girdwood) @Hand-Tram to Alyeska Hwy Bridge  (197.68KB .jpg)

Put In  (202.94KB .jpg)

Winner Falls  (197.68KB .jpg)

First Wave  (532.62KB .jpg)

Falling Water Falls  (569.86KB .jpg)

  (490.53KB .jpg)

Cambell's Falls 1.45 Ft  (209.04KB .jpg)

Cambell Fall's 1.45 Ft  (211.57KB .jpg)

Cambell's Falls 2.3 Ft  (2.43MB .jpg)

Pump house surf wave  (206.25KB .jpg)

Smiley's Falls 1.99 Ft  (1.65MB .jpg)

Stewart's Falls 2.62 Ft  (2.15MB .jpg)

Stewart's Falls 1.68 Ft  (1.54MB .jpg)

Rec Boat pinned Stewart's Falls 2.62 Ft  (2.24MB .jpg)

Smiley's Falls 2.28 Ft  (537.25KB .jpg)

Stewart's Falls 4.3 Ft from river left  (1.97MB .jpg)

Stewart's Falls 3.2 Ft  (2.91MB .jpg)

Stewart's Falls 2.85 Ft  (2.01MB .jpg)

Smiley's Falls 4.3 Ft  (1.71MB .jpg)

Smiley's Falls 2.85 Ft  (604.02KB .jpg)

Smiley's Falls Slot 2.85  (1.80MB .jpg)

Smiley's Falls Slot 2.85 Ft  (1.13MB .jpg)

Narrow Gap 2.85 Ft  (1.31MB .jpg)

Killing Falls Final ledge 2.85 Ft  (1.32MB .jpg)

Killing Falls Final Ledge 2.85 Ft  (444.04KB .jpg)

3 Ledge Rapids surf 2.85  (801.59KB .jpg)

3 Ledge Rapids 2.85 Ft  (2.41MB .jpg)

Warm Up Rapid 4.3 Ft  (2.45MB .jpg)

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