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Difficulty II at this flow (II+ normally)
Length 17.7 Miles
Flow Range 600 - 10000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 31 minutes ago 2030 [CFS]
Reach Info Last Updated 08/11/2019 3:37 pm

River Description

This section is a good run for those learning whitewater. Redsides is a classic playspot on this section about halfway between Bruckart Bridge and Finn Rock.

This run can generally be considered 2 separate runs with distinct character differences that can effect which an individual would prefer to paddle. The Section from Paradise Campground to Bruckart bridge is a 2+ section of whitewater that is fairly continuous without the pool-drop style rapids that many in the PNW are used to. The section from Bruckart Bridge to Finn Rock is 2(2+) with one rapid to note that makes a hard left turn with features near the outside of the corner. Beginners may experience how powerful eddies can be when formed on rock walls with fast current on this rapid. Overall, the section from Bruckart Bridge to Finn Rock is significantly more beginner friendly and has a less continuous nature.

Note: At the flow range listed, there are no major hazards to avoid, although at the upper end (6000+) the waves get big and can easily flip even class III boaters. Recovery is usually easy, but a roll is recommended at higher flows. 

Logistics: The put-in at Paradise Campground has a designated launch area suitable for rafts (river mile 71.7). It is reached by heading up Highway 126 to mile 54.1 just upstream of McKenzie Bridge.

The reach ends at Finn Rock Finn Rock is a popular access point for a day trip on the McKenzie (river mile 54.0). The access works well for rafts. To reach this access head to Highway 126 mile 37.9 and turn onto Quartz Creek Road which takes you across the bridge to river left. A good ramp is available on the upstream river left side of the bridge.

Bruckart Bridge is a good intermediate access point for this run that roughly splits it in half. 

Rapid Descriptions


Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

From Eugene, drive east on 126 until you reach Paradise Campground on the left past Rainbow and McKenzie Bridge. 

Multiple put-ins and take-outs exist below the campground and you can really make any length and difficulty trip you like. 

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