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Difficulty II
Length 5.3 Miles
Flow Range 2.70 - 6.80 FT
Flow Rate as of: 23 minutes ago 3.54 [FT]
Reach Info Last Updated 12/02/2018 12:32 pm

River Description

Short whitewater section of the Potomac, as the Potomac passes Harpers Ferry, popularly referred to as the "Needles."

Three different putins have traditionally been used. 1) (Harpers Ferry Rd) - A short run from the Maryland side - proceed up river from the Sandy Hook, MD takeout to Lock 34 where the road turns away from the river. This short section used to be a common beginning whitewater boat training section when there was more access below the Dam, but today, there is no parking at this putin, which limits its utility.
2) (Bakerton) - A little longer run, putting in on the West Virginia side - follow Rt. 340 towards Charles Town to Bakerton Rd., where Millville Rd. goes off to the left and a substantial brick building and "Wilts Fruit Mart" is on the right. Turn right on Bakerton Rd. and follow it until the road goes under a stone railroad bridge.  After going under the railroad bridge, make an immediate right into the River Runners Potomac Put-in. There is a charge here, but there is parking and this put-in is only several hundred yards above Dam #3.

3) (Dargans Bend) - A much longer paddle (including 2.5 miles of flatwater) is to put-in at Dargans Bend Boat Ramp on the Maryland side, where there is plenty of free parking (but alot of flatwater).  After the flatwater there is a broken out Dam (Dam #3) that starts the Class II whitewater section.   

It's a Class II section of ledges under normal conditions. Caution should be used at higher water levels and colder times of year because the width of the river here can make a spill difficult to recover from.

Harpers Ferry is located at the confluence of the Shenandoah and the Potomac. Putins and takeouts are not allowed here except in emergencies.  The Shenandoah comes in from river right towards the bottom of the run.  The West Virginia/Virginia state line comes down the river right side ridge to the Potomac (the river itself is always Maryland), so from here, the river right side of the Potomac is in Virginia.  

After the confluence, there is a set of Class II waves called Mad Dog Rapids, followed by a Class II+ (III at higher water) set of larger irregular waves known as White Horse Rapids. There are also popular playspots located among the rocks on river right.

The first takeout (Sandy Hook) on the MD side is 1/2 mile downstream from the confluence of the Shenndoah River on river left immediately before the US 340 bridge at Sandy Hook. To reach this takout from Rt. 340, take the last left as you approach the 340 bridge from the MD side, then take the first right to the bottom of the hill where the road approaches the railroad tracks. The takeout trail crosses posted railroad property and involves crossing two sets of very active tracks.  This once very popular takeout has been closed by the railroad.

The second takeout (Potomac Wayside) on the Virginia side immediately before the lower (MD) 340 bridge.  There is space for loading and unloading here, but there are only three parking spaces where you can leave a car.  Other parking options near Potoma Wayside are very limited and/or expensive.   An empty parking lot near the gas station is often utilized when it's not being used for fireworks sales and other intermittent activities. The whole parking and traffic situation on the VA side can be somewhat daunting because of the narrowness of the shoulder and the speed of the heavy two lane traffic.

Other take-outs include:  "Weverton" which is 1 1/2 miles of flat and moving water downstream from the US 340  bridge on the Maryland side.  This take-out is hard to see from the river and requires a long walk through the woods and down the tow-path, but it does have an authorized on foot at-grade Railroad crossing. The "Brunswick" take-out (also on the Maryland side) requires an additional 5 miles of paddling, with the last 3 1/2 miles consisting of flatwater; however, there is an authorized at-grade railroad crossing for vehicles and a boat ramp offers the convenience of easy access and close parking. 

The same takeouts can also be used to run the Millville/Bull Falls/Staircase section of the Shenandoah. This is a longer and somewhat more interesting run, but there are times that low water levels would make the Potomac the better option.

Rapid Descriptions

Whitehorse Rapid (Class III)

Class - III Mile - 5
Rapid Thumbnail Missing

Whitehorse Rapid (Class III, Mile 5.0)
Main channel is to the left. Lots of good play.


Gage Descriptions

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Directions Description

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Upper Yough Access Guidelines and Fundraiser

Charlie Walbridge

At Maryland's Upper Yough, one of the country's finest whitewater runs, American Whitewater has been maintaining the Sang Run Access for the past 20 years. With the 4th of July weekend coming up, a quick reminder that we are guests of the Town of Friendsville when we take out. In addition changing clothes discretely ad behaving respectfully, please observe social distancing during the pandemic. Garrett County has a low infection rate, and a mask when patronizing local businesses is the norm. We are also beginning our annual fundraiser to pay the expenses American Whitewater has at Sang Run. Out goal is $1,000, and we have already received $160. The Fee Box at Sang Run is still closed due to vandalism. We suggest $20 for the full season; $5 for one weekend. Please donate on line, or use the donation jar at the Wilderness Voyageurs shop at the takeout. Please go to and put "Upper Yough Access" in the comment box.

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Don Millard - AW Super Upper Yough Access Volunteer!

Charlie and Sandy Walbridge

American Whitewater super-volunteer Don Millard has been taking care of the Sang Run and Friendsville Access Areas on Maryland's Upper Youghioghenny River for the past several years. This bulds on a 2003 agreement between American Whitewater and Maryland State Parks, which owns the property. This year he rebuilt the change house and porta-pot shelter, set AW's sign back up, filled in potholes, and mowed acres of grass. He not only did the work, he donated the materials and machine time! This work givezs AW strong ties to the community (the place is also a fishing access) and local park managers. Also, thanks to him, boaters are not faced with a $5 access fee at both ends! Please remember, the pandemic is still on. Be smart. If you use the porta-pot, wash your hands or use sanitizer!

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Harpers Ferry Access Study Reveals Need for New Approaches (MD/WV)

Kevin Colburn

The final Weverton Rail Crossing Feasibility Study was released this week, which considered two options for improving the crossing of CSX railroad tracks to provide safer public access to the Potomac River and the C&O Canal National Historical Park, and for use of the Appalachian Trail. The Report reveals insurmountable problems with the two proposed access solutions, but also highlights other possible paths forward. 


Tony Allred Jr


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