Paulins Kill - Stillwater (Main St.) to Delaware River

Paulins Kill, New Jersey, US


Stillwater (Main St.) to Delaware River

Usual Difficulty I-II (for normal flows)
Length 17 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
Paulins Kill at Blairstown NJ
usgs-01443500 250 - 3000 cfs I-II 00h28m 332 cfs (running)

River Description

The Putin is a little bridge about 50 yards from Stillwater General Store... The first 4 miles are mostly flatwater except for Stonebridge Damn... the Damn is small and there is a break towards the right side where you can go over it... the next damn is at Crisman Road... this one is not kayak friendly... the water crashes directly onto concrete... you can easily get out on the right side and walk to the bottom of the damn... or take out there to make it a quick 2 hour paddle.

...more to come...

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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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March 16 2010 (3228 days ago)
dave carterDetails
i paddled 2 sections of the paulinskill in the past 3 days. not much to report on the section above
paulinskill lake except the the dam has a bad hydrolic @ high levels i'd guess 2000cfs and up maybe
even less(i ran @ 2770) and the boogie directly after changes dramatically @ the higher flow. the
section below paulinskill lake has 2 hazards. the first is a log jam that completely blocks the
river under the old orchard rd bridge,see pic, i portaged on river left. a bit further down river
are 3 small rapids spaced about 30 yards apart there is a HUGE tree stuck in the first feature
blocking almost the whole river, sneak around the left side or portage river right on E. crisman
rd. thats all for now, see ya on the river.
November 7 2009 (3357 days ago)
x (1)
the dam between rt. 519 and the lake is absolutely runnable. i checked the depth of the landing w/
my paddle about 1/3 of the way from the right bank and it was 2.5 " deep at low water. impatient me
tried to run it at that level and my brand new ammo now has a brand new piton scar! higher levels
should not be a problem, will report back w/ pics after a decent rain.
October 10 2009 (3385 days ago)
dave carterDetails
dave carter the two rapids i described in my last comment are no more. drop and struggle has been
blocked by a rather large tree fallen just 1O' from the drop, considering the size of the tree and
the insignificance of the rapid removal is just not worth it. surprise s has simply vanished! after
sitting down at the spot in a "wtf!!" daze for 2Omins i've concluded that it was actually a log jam
that is no longer there, lucky me for running it and making it through! so if you just want river
fun put in at lafayette village for the very fast "drag strip" take out at memorial park or run
under rt. 15 to the firehouse. put back in at rt five nineteen and take out at the north end of
paulinskill lake.
June 11 2009 (3506 days ago)
x (1)
We have had success putting in at the Paulinskill Lake dam and pulling out at the metal bridge at
Saddleback Road in Stillwater. The river is not blocked but for one large tree that is easily
navigated. The ride is a very relaxing 1.5 hours or so depending on the flow. Have found that
200cfs is about the minimum for an enjoyable day. Roy you put this in? Yep
April 22 2009 (3556 days ago)
dave carterDetails
the map information for this river is incorrect. the point marked take-out would actually be the
put in. also the paulinskill river does not run through sparta, it in fact starts at a brook near
memory park in newton, runs northeast flowing into a bigger brook ner the old limecrest mine and
then west through a town called lafayette, continues west past ross' corner and turns south across
the highway from the nj state fairgrounds and from there continues south and runs into the north
end of paulinskill lake. your take-out, which would be the put in, is a few miles downriver of the
damned south end of the lake. i've now paddled from olde lafayette village to paulinskill lake,
whitewater is sporadic through the section i've paddled and dosent exceed class II. i paddled at
high level and at that level after a log jam it's basically a seven to ten foot wide drag strip
with 2 1/2 to 3 foot wave trains between the village and the park across the street from the fire
house, speeding past the old washed out foot bridge was disconcerting; bonus points for catching
the river left eddy at the end . the better 2 rapids can be found between the put in at the
lafayette f.d. and rt. fifteen ,dispite the many log jams it's a worthwhile trip by itself. the
first i call drop and struggle, basically it's an easy 1 to 2 foot drop to a rocky and wood
cluttered riffle. the second i call surprise s, and it's an eight or nine feet tall twenty foot
long s turn, very very fun!! between rt. five nineteen and the lake are two river wide riffles that
are fun even at low levels, the first is right after a dam that is questionable even at high water
due to the rocks at the bottom, scout first or portage at river left!!! this riffle includes an old
bridge footing shortly after the dam giving you three choices, congrats if you make it river right
in a rec boat, i couldn't. the second starts after a quarter mile pool that the first flows into.
go right out of the pool as the left fork will take yo to an old unrunnable dam, this riffle is
very straight forward and longer than the first. about a quarter mile after that is a very small
drop which is the end of whitewater fun above paulinskill lake, the info i've provided is accurate,
hope it can help. see ya on the river.