Kinderhook Creek - 3.) Valatie to Colombiaville

Kinderhook Creek, New York, US


3.) Valatie to Colombiaville

Usual Difficulty I-II(V+) (for normal flows)
Length 11 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01361000 3.00 - 9.00 ft I-II(V+) 00h41m 3.08 ft (running)
Drops become run-able around 3ft, big water waves develope around 6.5 feet and are present as the water rises higher Gauge is located under the Rossman Rd bridge.

River Description


The lower section of Kinderhook Creek as it falls over carved shale into the Hudson is quite steep with regular flow. This section starts in the town of Valatie, (meaning "Little Falls"), drops over a hundred feet in Stuyvasent (originally Glencadia meaning "creek region of simple pleasurees") and continues to the Rt. 9 Bridge in Columbiaville.  However, due to numerous large drops it is not run in it's entirity. Usually river running is done on the upper section, and from Rossman Rd to Stockport.

Those visiting this area should also be sure to check out Claverack Creek, Stony Kill, and the Upper Kinderhook Creek.


Park and Huck  - There are many large drops for park and huck; a combination of original formations, capped with mill dams.  In order they are:

Beaver Mill (Valatie) Falls: Class IV, ~25 ft    - A fun park and huck with great access runnable with normal flows.  Keeping your bow up is mandatory to avoid a pin between the two lines. Put in below or portage on river right under the bridge.  There is also a river left side of the drop which opens up at higher water, however care should be taken to avoid rebar and safety should be set at the bottom hole which can be very retentive at certain levels.

Upper Stuyvasent Falls: Class V, ~65ft    - A no joke double drop, starting with a winding left turn which lauches onto a shelf before riding a tongue for a clean drop.  Portage on river left.

Lower Stuyvasent Falls: Class V+, ~60 ft   - An untouched drop with many options as dicey as the next.  Portage river left.

Rossman Falls: Class IV+: ~40ft  - *Unrun* Pick your spot and go.  Be sure to check your landing first!

Hidden Gem Falls: Class V: A jumbled cascade falling about 50 ft with 3 distinct steps, this drop is acutally on a tributary to Kinderhook Creek and is visible from theshuttle route near the confluence with Claverack Creek.  Be wary of the last drop and be sure to land far to the right.

There is also a Class II dam above Beaver Mill Falls which can be attained and then reached on river left. About 8ft tall it is a steep slide that drops into a 2 foot drop.


River Running:

All the stretches between the dams are class I-III and are best run starting at 4ft.  The best section being from Rossman Rd bridge to the Rt. 9 bridge in Columbiaville.  Put in on river left by the bridge and take out on river right at the fisherman's trail.  The last rapid goes over a rock slide which can be scouted from the bridge, below the slide the river is affected by the tidal shifts of the Hudson.  Playspots in the lower half will be affected by the changing tide.  At high water this section is filled with surfing waves and at times a few very high quality waves at the takeout.



Other Local Runs:

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Stony Kill

Claverack Creek

Roeliff Jensen Kill



Capital Region Area Reaches

Basic Creek                                    Batten Kill                                         Claverack Creek 

Cobleskill Creek                             Fox Creek                                         Hannacrois Creek 

Hoosic                                            Hudson (Lock 2)                               Kinderhook Creek  (1.) 

Kinderhook Creek  (2.)                   Kinderhook Creek  (3.)                      Kline Kill 

Normans Kill (1.)                            Normans Kill (2.)                                North Chuctanunda Creek 

Mohawk (Upper Cohoes Wave)     Mohawk (Cohoes Wave)                   Poesten Kill (0.) 

Poesten Kill (1.)                             Poesten Kill (2.)                                 Quacken Kill  

Schoharie Creek                            Stony Kill                                           Wyant's Kill 



Catskills Area Reaches

Basic Creek                               Batavia Kill                                    Bear Kill 

Beaver Kill (Delaware Trib)       Beaver Kill (Hudson Trib)              Beer Kill 

Beer Kill, W. Branch                  Bowery Creek                                Bush Kill 

Callicoon Creek, E. Branch       Callicoon Creek, N. Branch           Catskill Creek (1.) 

Catskill Creek (2.)                     Catskill Creek (4.)                          Claverack Creek 

Coxing Kill                                 Delaware                                       Delaware, E. Branch 

Delaware, W. Branch                Little Delaware                               Dry Brook 

East Kill                                     Esopus Creek (1)                           Esopus Creek (2) 

Esopus Creek (3)                      Esopus Creek (4)                           Esopus Creek (5) 

Hannacrois Creek                     Kaaterskill Creek (1.)                     Kaaterskill Creek (2.) 

Kinderhook Creek  (3.)              Kiskatom Creek                             Mombaccus Creek 

Mill Brook                                   Neversink (1.)                               Neversink, E. Branch 

Neversink, W. Branch                 Peters Kill                                     Platte Kill 

Plattekill Creek                            Potic Creek                                  Roeliff Jansen Kill (1) 

Roeliff Jansen Kill (2)                  Rochester Creek                          Rondout Creek (1) 

Rondout Creek (2)                     Rondout Creek (3)                        Sandburg Creek 

Saw Kill (1)                                 Saw Kill (2)                                    Saw Kill (3) 

Schoharie Creek (1.)                  Schoharie Creek (2.)                    Shingle Kill Creek 

Squirmer Creek                          Stony Clove Creek                        Ten Mile Creek 

Thorp Creek                               Tremper Kill                                   Wallkill 

West Kill                                      Woodland Creek                            Vly Creek 


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Rapid Summary

Mile Rapid Name Class Features (Legend)
0.0Beaver Mill FallsIV+Access Portage Waterfall Photo
8.0Upper Stuyvasent FallsVPortage Waterfall Photo
8.1Lower Stuyvasent Falls5.1Portage Hazard Waterfall Photo
10.0Rossman FallsVWaterfall Photo
11.0Hidden Gem FallsVWaterfall Photo
13.0Columbiaville Falls and Tidal RapidsN/A

Rapid Descriptions

Beaver Mill Falls (Class IV+)


Photo taken 12/16/09

Beaver Mill Falls at the Rt.203 Bridge in Valatie. Dropping in 5 ft right of the bend in the dam on river left either turn right for the boof ledge leading to river center or break left to continue downstream and boof the "nose" for a clean drop. The drop is easily scouted from the stream-side park and bridge, and has access for easy lapping. Total drop is about 25ft.

Upper Stuyvasent Falls (Class V, Mile 8.0)

Upper Stuyvesant Falls

Upper Stuyvesant Falls
Photo taken 02/05/13

Upper Stuyvesant Falls. The line is to go through the slot where the tree is snagged on river right- boof, hug the pool, and ride the tongue back to the right in a zig- zag. In all the drop is 65-70 feet. First run in fall 2012 at 6 feet, this will run down to 3.25 before the landing onto the shelf is bare rock.

Lower Stuyvasent Falls (Class 5.1, Mile 8.1)

Upper Stuyvesant Falls

Upper Stuyvesant Falls
Photo taken 02/05/13


View over the lip of the slide line on Lower Stuyvesant Falls. A 60+ foot drop that may or may not be runnable at certain flows.

Rossman Falls (Class V, Mile 10.0)

Rossman Falls

Rossman Falls
Photo taken 02/06/13

A ~40 ft drop in total. Looks straightforward, just scout your landing.

Hidden Gem Falls (Class V, Mile 11.0)

The Hidden Gem

The Hidden Gem
Photo taken 02/05/13

Runnable only at times of heavy run-off, this was dubbed "Hidden Gem Falls," the drop marks where a small tributary stream drops over 50 feet down a steep 3 step cascade. While there is no set line, the final drop must be landed flat on river right to avoid a piton. From the putin at the Fitting Rd Bridge to the Urban St. Bridge the stream drops about 70 feet along W Ghent Rd/ County Rt 22

Columbiaville Falls and Tidal Rapids (Class N/A, Mile 13.0)

Just above the takeout. A series of shale ledges that create playwaves depending on flow and tide.

User Comments

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September 25 2008 (3731 days ago)
Alex BarhamDetails
Put in at the parking lot by the falls in Valatie and take out at the Rt 32 Bridge in Colombiaville
on river right. To avoid the scrabble there is a state-run parking lot and boat-launch at the end
of the road at the train bridge by the Hudson. The ledges by the bridge turn into a nice wave/hole
after big rains for park and play. While this run is doable and very scenic be prepared to do
numerous portages. There are numerous now or soon to be re-activated power dams as well as huge
unrunnable waterfalls. During shuttle be sure to detour to Stuyvesant Falls and be scout a takeout
for the portage you will have to make for the two waterfalls there. It will be quite a trek, but is
doable on river left by following a gravel road that heads to an old textile mill. Other then the
deadly falls this is a very easy run, mostly class I-II but can be very bumpy and shallow. Much of
the run can be scouted from the road with a little exploring.

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