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Difficulty II-III
Length Miles
Flow Range 200 - 3000 CFS
Flow Rate as of: 2 hours ago 167 [CFS] ℹ️
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River Description

Ran this Feb 08 at 320 cfs, Suffern gage. The falls (CL5 or CL6, I don't know, you decide. Run at your own risk. A paddler more experienced than me believes the landing may be too shallow.) is 0.03 upstream of the Tuxedo Station. There's a fishing access for free parking. There's a construction company just above the falls with 'no parking' sign. No one was around to ask for permission. You might be able to find somewhere to park further up and there might be another falls/dam. Right after the falls is a slide (CL3) followed by some CL2, another little drop and flat water. I drove down Rte. 17 to the Rockland/Orange county line. There's a pull-off, I parked there since there were no signs that said I couldn't--park at your own risk. I used a 50ft rope to get my kayak down the steep slope and carried over train tracks. CL2 rapids to start with. What you get here is the most you'll get to where I took out except for the dam.

Downstream from here, before you pass under 7 Lakes Drive just upstream of a bridge (Washington Ave?), there was a surf-hole. At higher levels this might get really good since the river is constricted here. It looks like there might have been an old rustic dam here. Soon you will pass under 7 Lakes Drive; you can take out here.

Stony Brook will pour in from your left after passing under 7 Lakes Drive and the water will go dead flat. This is due to the Dam. It's a low-head dam, however, there's something in there to stop the recirc but all the way left has recirc and probably other spots as well. I ran just left of the recirc, right of the log sticking up. The rocks seem like they have good pin potential and there's junk in this dam. This is the last CL3 I know about.

I would look to take out here next time since the scenery is not great after this and you'll hear and see the Thruway. There may be parking on Waldron Ter., which can be accessed by taking 7 Lakes Drive. Make a right on Waldron and drive until you see the signs 'Do not pass'; the dam is on you right. There're easy rapids until I took out when I saw a flagpole on my right. It turned out I was in back of a factory or something. It seems you can park here since there was ample parking and not real busy and no signs that I saw.



Downstate New York Area Reaches

Beer Kill                                          Beer Kill, W. Branch   

Callicoon Creek, E. Branch            Callicoon Creek, N. Branch 

Coxing Kill                                      Croton 

Delaware (1.)                                 Delaware (2. Mongaup Wave)

Delaware (3.)                                 Fishkill Creek 

Mombaccus Creek                         Mongaup 

Moodna Creek                               Neversink (1.) 

Neversink (2.)                                Neversink, E. Branch  

Peters Kill                                       Pocantico 

Popolopen Brook                           Ramapo 

Rochester Creek                            Rondout Creek (1.) 

Rondout Creek (2.)                        Rondout Creek (3.) 

Sandburg Creek                             Stony Brook (1.) 

Stony Brook (2.)                             Wallkill 

Wappinger Creek


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Rapid Descriptions


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tom Hart
5 years ago

Starting above Tuxedo there is good parking 3 miles north at Route 210, but nothing but some rifles until you get to the falls. Since portages around both falls are not maintained and much of this section is close to the highway IMHO not worth the effort. Below Sloatsburg Dam there's a few more miles of similar class 1 rifles. Another old dam catches strainers after big storms but can be inspected from school bus turnaround on 17 northbound 200 feet after thruway underpass across from southbound entrance ramp (clear April 2014) ...after that you can float to Oakland. Class 1 at best. Nice pull out at Flat Rock Park on Torne Valley Road. You can also pull out in Suffern at the ball fields below the abandoned railroad bridge and do a train shuttle. 200 cfs at Ramapo gauge is pretty scratchy but probably doable, 300 cfs will keep your from scraping much or getting caught up...lowest section is inspectable from 7 Lakes Drive bridge north of Sloatsburg. If you want to end at the Sloatburg Dam (aka Ramapo falls) just turn south on the east side of the river off Seven Lakes Drive.

Gage Descriptions

 I ran Feb 08 @ 320 cfs. Mostly Cl1, some CL2 with flat, moving and slow. The only two CL3 rapids I encountered was the slide and the dam. It is runnable at this level with no scraping. The only other thing running was the Moodna. 

Directions Description

 Everything is either on or just off of rte 17.

 Put-inTo get to the falls, park at the fishing access in Tuxedo Station. You will have to walk 0.3 of a mile to the falls. Don't bother to try to drive upstream on river rd, there's no place to park. North on Rte 17 above the falls there's a construction company(?), I knocked on the door to ask if I could park but noone was there. You may be able to park further upstream and there may be another waterfall and dam as well. After deciding not to run the falls are walk my boat in I drove down to the Rockland/Orange county line where there's a pull-off on the north side (river-side) of the road. There where no sighns that said I could not. I did not get towed or a ticket but you park at your own risk.  I took out below 7 lakes drive, pass the throughway rest stop down to when I saw an American Flag. I got out by a factory of somesort. I don't think you will have a problem parking here since there's plenty of room, here but it's on you to make that call and/or to ask permission. 

Date Flow Result Factor  
1998-02-22 Low Fatality Cold Water Read More



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Moose River Video

Mark Singleton

2010 marked the 25th anniversary of protecting the Black and Moose rivers!  View an online video documentary on the Moose River and the early role that American Whitewater played in protecting this amazing river.


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