Rochester Creek - Doug Road bridge (Liebhardt) to Mill Brook

Rochester Creek, New York, US


Doug Road bridge (Liebhardt) to Mill Brook

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 4.5 Miles
Avg. Gradient 60 fpm

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-01367500 1650 - 7500 cfs II-III 01h12m 581 cfs (too low)

River Description

This is a pretty straightforward creek that is pretty and boat-scoutable for most paddlers. There is really only one rapid that will surprise you, but it also is an easy point-and-shoot drop. The only reason it is surprising is because it is at the end of the run, and it is a pleasant surprise. A great creek for warming up for the season or for paddlers just learning to creek.

Dennis Squires's book New York Exposed: The Whitewater State Volume II is an awesome book that provides a great description of this creek as well as many other runs in this part of New York state. I highly recommend it if you are a New York boater.



Catskills Area Reaches

Basic Creek                               Batavia Kill                                    Bear Kill 

Beaver Kill (Delaware Trib)       Beaver Kill (Hudson Trib)              Beer Kill 

Beer Kill, W. Branch                  Bowery Creek                                Bush Kill 

Callicoon Creek, E. Branch       Callicoon Creek, N. Branch           Catskill Creek (1.) 

Catskill Creek (2.)                     Catskill Creek (4.)                          Claverack Creek 

Coxing Kill                                 Delaware                                       Delaware, E. Branch 

Delaware, W. Branch                Little Delaware                               Dry Brook 

East Kill                                     Esopus Creek (1)                           Esopus Creek (2) 

Esopus Creek (3)                      Esopus Creek (4)                           Esopus Creek (5) 

Hannacrois Creek                     Kaaterskill Creek (1.)                     Kaaterskill Creek (2.) 

Kinderhook Creek  (3.)              Kiskatom Creek                             Mombaccus Creek 

Mill Brook                                   Neversink (1.)                               Neversink, E. Branch 

Neversink, W. Branch                 Peters Kill                                     Platte Kill 

Plattekill Creek                            Potic Creek                                  Roeliff Jansen Kill (1) 

Roeliff Jansen Kill (2)                  Rochester Creek                          Rondout Creek (1) 

Rondout Creek (2)                     Rondout Creek (3)                        Sandburg Creek 

Saw Kill (1)                                 Saw Kill (2)                                    Saw Kill (3) 

Schoharie Creek (1.)                  Schoharie Creek (2.)                    Shingle Kill Creek 

Squirmer Creek                          Stony Clove Creek                        Ten Mile Creek 

Thorp Creek                               Tremper Kill                                   Wallkill 

West Kill                                      Woodland Creek                            Vly Creek 



Downstate New York Area Reaches

Beer Kill                                          Beer Kill, W. Branch   

Callicoon Creek, E. Branch            Callicoon Creek, N. Branch 

Coxing Kill                                      Croton 

Delaware (1.)                                 Delaware (2. Mongaup Wave)

Delaware (3.)                                 Fishkill Creek 

Mombaccus Creek                         Mongaup 

Moodna Creek                               Neversink (1.) 

Neversink (2.)                                Neversink, E. Branch  

Peters Kill                                       Pocantico 

Popolopen Brook                           Ramapo 

Rochester Creek                            Rondout Creek (1.) 

Rondout Creek (2.)                        Rondout Creek (3.) 

Sandburg Creek                             Stony Brook (1.) 

Stony Brook (2.)                             Wallkill 

Wappinger Creek


Google Map of New York Whitewater

New York Whitewater Paddlers Facebook Group


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Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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March 16 2011 (2826 days ago)
Steve McLuckieDetails
As JD says, this is a very pretty stream that's a lot of fun. It's possible to put in farther
upstream, but the easy trip is from DeWitt Rd (optional 8' waterfall under the bridge) to either
Dug Road or Boodle Hole Road. The location shown on the AW map, as well as the listing for "Doug"
Road is for an access point about midway through the typical trip. See this map instead: I think of this as a really easy intro to creeking. It's small
and intimate, but not fast or technical (at least at modest levels). The first half is no more than
class 2, and there's an option to take out at Dug Road. 1.5 miles below DeWitt road there's a small
dam to watch for. At reasonable levels it should be easy to spot and take out on the left. Runnable
at low levels, but the hole can get nasty as levels rise. The second half builds to 2+ or easy 3 at
the end, finishing with a couple of ledge holes. They might get a bit sticky, but can be punched at
modest levels. First ran this in March, 2010 at perhaps 5000 CFS on the Rondout gauge (Rosendale),
which was a very good level. Ran it in March, 2011 at 1800, which resulted in a fair amount of
bumping and scraping. Figure an absolute minimum of 1650, with 2100 being much better. Cleared snow
showed that parts were 4' higher when the Rondout was at 20,000 a few days earlier, so I'd guess at
a maximum of perhaps 7500. I'm not sure how low this can be run, but if the Rondout at Rosendale is
at 5000 CFS this should be good to go.
October 1 2010 (2992 days ago)
James DoughertyDetails
Did this last winter (jan-feb2010). It's basically CL2-2+, at least at lower water. Although I
would usaully be quite bored on such a creek, I really enjoyed it. It goes through a seemingly
remote area with ever-greens most of the way which makes it real beautiful in the winter. The rock
formations reminded me of ithica. What ever road it was we started at, the creek goes under the
road and immediatly drop about 12ft(?) swallow water fall. you will hit bottom. I didn't break my
boat, it was fun, not sure if I'd do it again unless higher water gives a bit more water to cushin
the rock bottom.

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