White - 3. Victor Road Bridge to Tygh Valley

White, Oregon, US


3. Victor Road Bridge to Tygh Valley (Lower White, Canyon Run)

Usual Difficulty II-III (for normal flows)
Length 11.3 Miles

White River Canyon

White River Canyon
Photo by Brian Vogt taken 07/09/12 @ 415 cfs

River Description

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April 24 2017 (632 days ago)
Jennie GoldbergDetails
posted on PDXkayaker by Mark Scantlebury on April 23, 2017: The Lower Columbia Canoe Club
(www.l-ccc.org) ran the Wamic-White River Bridge to Tygh Valley section of the White this past
Saturday and had to do four log portages. The first three are large-diameter logs and are easily
spotted as you approach them. There are small eddies available for stopping and portaging. The
fourth log is smaller diameter and much harder to see. It comes after what is probably the longest
and highest rated rapid. This rapid ends with a pourover rock on the right that has a wicked
looking flake you'd hit if you boof it too far right. On the left side of this rapid are some logs.
There's a breaking wave on the front of the boof rock that can channel you left. After you run this
rapid, be on the watch over the next half mile for a straightaway rapid with a bit of gradient. The
log stretches from bank to bank and was just a few inches above the water at 700cfs. There was a
way for kayakers who are very accurate to dip under it on the far left side-but catch an eddy on
the left and scout to find this spot. A better choice is the several small eddies on the right. I'd
recommend catching an early one. If you did stumble into this spot with the log and found yourself
past the eddies, there's one last small right eddy just before the log and I mean just before the
July 10 2012 (2381 days ago)
Brian VogtDetails
Ran the white 7/7-8/2012 at 415 cfs in IKs. It was not too low, but was close to minimum. Tons of
great camping. Only had one portage, the big class IV with the landmark volcanic soil wall on the
right, which was wood choked. Might have had a line right with more flow. Otherwise some nuisance
wood but everything was runnable and boat scoutable for solid IV boaters. A stellar wild run with
great camping and Bruneau-esque canyon for a short section. From Nick Borelli: Watch your fires in
there. You should use a firepan and clear out an area since there is so much tinder down
everywhere. Enjoy, but please don't burn it down! :)
November 9 2011 (2625 days ago)
x (1)
Now I'm like, well duh! Truly tahnkufl for your help.

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