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Difficulty III-IV
Length 11.1 Miles
Flow Range 2.50 - 10.00 FT
Flow Rate as of: 59 minutes ago 2.35 [FT] ℹ️
Reach Info Last Updated 09/27/2010 3:12 pm

River Description

Put in from Hwy 70 outside Rockwood.
Paddle out on White's Creek to Hwy 27.

From Wade Harrison:
It has 2 class 4's on it, Baby Gorilla and Stairstep Rapid. Both are pretty close to the putin and easily walked. It has only one undercut, which is one of the first rapids on the run; when its over 1.5', you want even see it; it's covered.
But the gorge isn't the fun part. The play is unbelievable on that run at 4'. When you start to leave the gorge you hit Triple Hole, back to back to back holes that are deep and very playful. Then a few more class 3 stuff and fun holes and then its SURF CITY BABY where White's Creek comes in on the right. You just have to see it at high water to get the real feel for that run, for sure a big-water run. I have run it as high as 8+ feet (no washout level for this run--it only gets meaner) and the holes were crazy at that level. About...6', I would say, is a good cutoff for that run..that means something better is running if it's that high. Overall, its an awesome run that i miss a lot, pretty easy to boat-scout everthing,.

From Andrew McClanahan 2002-12-19:
The put in for the Tiney Piney is actually on Highway 70. Put it in at the bridge over the creek; there is a small gravel road just before the bridge on the left, drive underneath the railroad bridge and put in there (This is just a couple of miles past Ozone Falls if you're headed toward Knoxville from Crossville). Take out is on White's Creek at Highway 27. (To get here, continue on 70 and turn right on 27, White's Creek will be the first bridge you come to, park on the right.) This is a short shuttle.
As of 12-14-02 there is a large tree at the bottom of the first class IV rapid (Stairstep?). Run far right or walk on the left. There is also another bad tree near the end of the first rapid after Baby Gorilla. Walk on the right. Baby Gorilla, you will know it when you get there. The river contricts down into a micro gorge. Walk this one on the right.
This run has great scenery. Most of the run is fun class three with several long low-grade slide-type rapids. Watch out for an undercut slot on river right a few rapids below Baby Gorilla, and a couple of more pesky trees. Whoever owns much of the land on river right has posted numerous "no trespassing" signs on the upstream side of the trees, most likely with boaters in mind. When you get to the junction with White's Creek, it takes on more river characteristics, with rapids of mostly waves and some juicy holes.


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Rapid Descriptions


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Michael Tapp
4 years ago

As of 12-29-2015 massive log in the middle of Baby Gorilla :( the log is pinned horizontal about 3/4 the way down, not to mention the many other "5 or so" river wide strainers throughout the run. This video shows the wood in Baby Gorilla. Be safe out there..

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Simon Krzych
5 years ago

Hwy 70 to 27 Class 3+ feel with one legitimate class 4 (baby gorilla) but intimidating due to the amount of strainers and wood. We put on at 2.25 ft on the whites bridge gauge and took out at almost 4 ft. At the put in we parked on the river left downstream side of the bridge and just left the car on the shoulder of the road. We slid our boats and our butts down the same side under the bridge. A quarter mile in there is a 2 tier slide that we ran left, immediate following it the river bends to the right and there is baby gorilla. We scouted on the left and it went easy. There is a river wide huge LOG a quarter mile below baby gorilla, the river splits into channels right below the baby gorilla (we ran far left) and the second time it does this the bottom of all channels are blocked by this big log. There are no easy eddies above the log in the left channel (you can grab brush and get out) but the river right channel is barely moving and not hard to get out and walk river right. Lots of boogie rapids, some log jams and lots of living strainers. The Zigzag slide was awesome and went easy down the middle. Mammys and Fall creek come in on river right just before the confluence with Whites. Lots of miles but with the flow we had we did it in 2 hours.

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Kirk Eddlemon
14 years ago

This run is more dangerous than the difficulty. It is only class 2-3+ except for the chimp, 4, but there are some really nasty shelf undercuts and sieves here and there. In particular there is a horrible slot sieve .5-.75 miles below chimp(baby gorilla) on the right. when you cant boat scout real well for the first time you are there. Go far left at medium to low levels and I think there is a manky slot down center, but do not go right. It turns into a slab slide that throws you right into a pinched undercut/sieve. I slid in, tried to hold myself up, but got thrust under it stern first and then completely under and got lodged. It took a couple of frantic seconds to get out and meander my way back to air. This spot kinda reminds me of a miniature initiation on the Gauley. Be careful on this run, there are many spots like this.

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