Clinch - St. Paul to Dungannon

Clinch, Virginia, US


St. Paul to Dungannon

Usual Difficulty II (for normal flows)
Length 18 Miles

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03524000 300 - 10000 cfs II 01h07m 663 cfs (running)

River Description

Long easy trip for some fun in a canoe or a playboat when it is in flood.
Some waves and holes here and there, but mainly flat moving water except for the still hole at Millers Yard after the Guest and Little Stony confluences with the Clinch.
If you paddle from St Paul, you can stop at the first major tributary on RR and a short distance upstream is a nice waterfall. But don't drag the boats, it is unrunnable. Unless you're stoopid. This falls lands on rocks and in a 12" deep pool. Not going to happen, don't care who you are.
Makes for a good photo tho.
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Last Updated: 2007-02-07 13:58:28

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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April 15 2012 (2431 days ago)
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There is a very dangerous series of undercut rocks approximately 7 miles downstream of St. Paul,
approximately 1/2 mile upstream of the Carfax takeout. When the railroad tracks go into a tunnel on
river left, look for a rock garden and what appears to be a minor rapid. This is actually a very
dangerous area, with undercut rocks on center-right and center-left. The river divides into three
channels, none of which are passable except at high water. The river right channel funnels under a
nasty overhanging rock. What appears to be a center right channel from upstream actually doesn't go
through; most of the water flows under the big rock on center left. The center left channel, to the
left of the large rock, loses its water halfway through the drop, creating pin hazards. If you are
unlucky enough to get caught in the middle of the river, be particularly careful with the large
center rock, which has large volumes of water flowing directly under it. I recommend portaging on
the right; there is no safe passage at normal water levels. This is the only hazard on this stretch
of river except for some occasional wood. Zack Fields
hehe.................................................... This spot is not as bad as listed. Ran the
river last thursday at around 1200 cfs. River right is good and takes you away from any undercuts.
The rock in the center is the only one that really has the potential for danger. A hole forms on
the right of the rock and the water pours back over towardt the undercut. But far right is
good.This rapid you are referring to is called the Bellamy Hole.
June 12 2009 (3469 days ago)
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I believe the author of the 2008-08-08 comment was referring to the Carfax takeout, not Carbo. The
rapid with obvious undercuts is not the ledge at the Rt. 58 bridge, it is the last drop before
Carfax. You can recognize the entrance because there are several boulders in the middle of the
river before the drop.
March 19 2009 (3555 days ago)
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This comment is for the 2008-08-08 comment - If you are 7 miles downstream of St. Paul there is no
way possible that the spot you speak of is 1/2 mile up stream of the Carbo takeout. Because St.
Paul is 7 miles from Carbo. I think you meant the major rapid IS at the 58 Bridge AT St. Paul
June 6 2008 (3841 days ago)
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There is a semi-submerged snag at the bottom of the big ledge just downstream of the Rt 58 bridge
in St Paul. The snag is in the center-left portion of the main chute in the middle of the river.
The snag is not visible from upriver until you are entering the rapid. I saw this snag during the
last week of May 2008, could not tell how extensive it is because only a little of it poked above
water. Zack Fields

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