Entiat - 3. Lake Creek Campground to National Forest boundary (Canyon Section)

Entiat, Washington, US


3. Lake Creek Campground to National Forest boundary (Canyon Section)

Usual Difficulty IV+ (for normal flows)
Length 3 Miles
Avg. Gradient 137 fpm

Last Drop Bottom

Last Drop Bottom
Photo of Matt Jordan by C.J. Arnold taken 07/04/08 @ 1150cfs

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-12452800 800 - 2000 cfs IV+ 00h49m 87.6 cfs (too low)

River Description

If you're tired of bumping plastic in the eddies on the Wenatchee, the Entiat is the exact opposite and about an 1 hr 45min drive from the Wenatchee. I lived in the Entiat Valley for the summers of 2001-2003 and the only things I saw on the river were ducks and beavers. The lack of people could have been to the low water year, but I kind of don't think so. The put in is just above the Lake Creek campground. There is a turnout and bathroom conveniently located just above the trail to the put in.

Walk approximately fifty yards down the trail to a bridge that crosses the river. You will find two nice eddies on either side of the river; this is a nice place to warm up. From the get go the river is busy. There are lots of two too four-foot boof's that are scattered throughout this top section of the river. You will gradually work your way into the canyon. I found plenty of eddies to get out and scout, but this may change at higher water.

The river is relatively continuous until Fox Creek Campground. At Fox Creek you are out of the canyon and the river mellows out too class III- II+. Keep on your toes about a quarter mile there are a few sneaky little holes that are in the middle of the river, but can be easily avoided if your eyes aren't glued to the beautiful landscape that encompasses this river. The last rapid is very fun. You can scout and easily spot this rapid just above the take out from the road. There is an awesome boof just left of center in the middle of the rapid.

I was on this river when the gauge at Ardenvoir was between 800cfs to 1800cfs. 800 cfs was fun but a little scratchy. At 1800 CFS this river is fast and furious. Just below the lake creek campground the river crashes into a wall on the right side and jogs left a river wide stopper can be found here at higher flows. I found out the hard way losing my boat and paddle. Be Careful and always boat with a buddie!!!!

From highway 2 just before you enter Wenatchee take the Chelan, highway 97 exit. There are signs indicating the direction to Entiat. You want to be on alternate route 97. This highway parallels the Columbia river on the west side of the river so don't cross the Columbia river!! It will save about an hour driving time if you are on the right side of the Columbia for the only two bridges that cross are in Wenatchee and Chelan which is another 30 miles past Entiat. Drive 20 miles from Wenatchee on Alternate 97 to Entiat river road. Take a left up the Entiat river road and drive 27 miles to the take out. The last major rapid is just off the road, so if you see that rapid the take out is just below. Drive approximately 1 � s of a mile to the put in just above lake creek campground.

There are three other sections of the Entiat river as well as this one described in Jeff Bennet's A Guide to the Whitewater rivers of Washington.

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Rapid Descriptions

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