Big Timber Creek - near Half Moon Campground

Big Timber Creek, Montana, US


near Half Moon Campground

Usual Difficulty V (for normal flows)
Length 1 Miles
Avg. Gradient 720 fpm
Max Gradient 680 fpm

The Gambler

The Gambler
Photo of Troy Nedved by David Schroeder taken 07/15/03 @ med.

River Description

This thing is in the Montana Surf guidebook, and in Twitch. It's at least a class V.

Lat/longitude coords are a good guess, bracketing the gnarliest section. More exact coords will be posted as we get them.

Info from StreamKeeper Cody Howard:

Drive up to Half Moon Campground, and then hike the trail up along the creek. You will see a sign and a side trail to go look at the Falls, worth checking out so you know what's coming up at the end of the run. Continue to hike up and you'll cross a bridge; hike up the hill almost to the top, and then head down to the creek.
-You should come to an 80-ft slide that constricts at the bottom; this is the Pinch. Put in and run it, or below it, but be careful because there is no warm up, and it's a tricky slide.
- There will be a bunch of clean slides, including Gambler, a right banking slide into a gnarly hole.
- From there you will go underneath the bridge and it will turn into a boulder drop. GET out as soon as the canyon constricts because you've got to portage the upper half of the falls.
- Run the lower half of the falls (shown in Twitch) and then you'll come to Shakedown (last slide) and then get out at Half Moon.

---> Definitely pick up a copy of Montana Surf, the guidebook, for a more detailed description of the creek and surrounding runs. Beautiful guidebook, which you shouldn't be without.

Check out Mike Albrecht's photos of Big Timber Creek

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Rapid Descriptions

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July 21 2010 (3106 days ago)
Thorin (152147)
The Half Moon Campground is a heavily used camp area that is actively patrolled by the U.S. Forest
Service. Keep your campsite tidy and use the bear proof containers for food storage. The rangers
are cracking down and the fines are steep.
June 4 2010 (3153 days ago)
olinskier (151887)
Raining lots! The flows are high. the island on lower big T falls is almost all the way under. rock
June 4 2010 (3153 days ago)
olinskier (151887)
For all of you lower big T falls lovers, the rock that was in the way last season is GONE! water is
high get out there.
July 8 2009 (3484 days ago)
x (1)
How can the average gradient be greater than the max gradient? Answer: if the run is less than a
mile long, since the average is per mile.
July 9 2006 (4579 days ago)
Chris GormanDetails
I hiked this thing...It is just insanely huge. Biggest boatable whitewater I have EVER seen. It is
all hikeable...Great hike if you are around bozeman.