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Difficulty III-IV
Length 1.5 Miles
Gauge N/A
Flow Range
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River Description

River Description:

This creek flows out of Gifford Pinchot Park Lake (Northeast corner of the lake). Beaver Creek's upper reaches lie underneath the manmade Gifford Pinchot Park lake.

Beaver Creek begins at the bridge on Alpine Road. Parking is available on the upstream river-right side of the bridge. The takeout is located on Bull Road at the bridge crossing. Parking is available on river right, downstream of the bridge.

The run can only be made in the late fall, winter or spring after heavy rains or continuous rain for several days. This dam has a spillway and a drain valve; when the lake is full, water will naturally flow over the 100-ft spillway to provide natural flow. Sometimes, water is released from the dam through a drain valve. Every three years, the lake is drained to a certain level to allow algae to be killed. This release typically lasts one week. The release is typically enough (valve 1/2 way open) to provide minmum runnable levels.

This creek is very tight (15 feet at its narrowest). The entire run is approximately 1.5 miles long. The first 0.5 miles is relatively flatwater (Class II).
The next and final mile is continuous Class III-IV.

Wood is definitely a problem on this creek, including fallen trees and overhanging trees.

Main rapids described in rapids section. All other rapids are class III-III+.


Rapid Descriptions

Hair of the Beaver or Slot (III+)

Class - III+ Mile - 0

Little Heinzerling (III+)

Class - III+ Mile - 0

Ring Rapid (IV)

Class - IV Mile - 0

Takeout Bridge Rapid (III+)

Class - III+ Mile - 1.4


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Stacey Gricks
5 years ago

The messy flatwater before Little Heizerling is best run as far right as you can go. The wood at Little Heizerling is a bit more washed out now but still be aware. There's some wood before the Hair of the Beaver and some floating wood just after. In some other necked down areas there is a lot of brush along the edges and a tree down which can be ducked but you will eat branches. King's Demise (Iron Ring) is clear.

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Stacey Gricks
5 years ago

12/21- Wood at Little Heizlinger still exists and you MUST MAKE the Heizlinger move. Soon as you are thru, eddy out and portage over/around the huge log/trees. Also - below Hair of the Beaver there is a tree across which also needs portaged - it is a bit below the Hair so there is definitely time to react and eddy out.

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Stacey Gricks
5 years ago

At the level "AT THE PIPES"; a ways below Hair of the Beaver there is a log that must be portaged. (2 feet above the pipes you can go right over it). I will post a picture. As you approach the area - it is a flat water section. You will see a 3 inch branch at water level and may even be tempted to push over it. GET OUT HERE. About 20 yards below it is a large tree river wide about a foot off the water.

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Stacey Gricks
5 years ago

At the 5' level Heizerling is NOT passable. You MUST portage and get out early.

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Stacey Gricks
5 years ago

9/9 Some cleanup work was done, however, you MUST MAKE the 'Heizerling' move at little Heizlinger. The right of the rock is clogged with trees. When you bank left off of the rock at Heizlinger drive into the eddy. Approx 10' below Heizlinger is a large tree which can now be ducked under (when water is at the pipes); then 5 feet after that there is a large log which you will need to push over or push up onto it and get out for a quick portage. The other option is at the eddy right at Heizlinger - a fellow kayaker was kind enough to make a short portage trail around both trees and you can put in on the other side. The wood at King's Demise (Iron Ring) is gone.

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Stacey Gricks
7 years ago

Today 10/30/12 - Use alternate directions to take out. Actual take out is inaccessible due to flooding you will need to park about 1/4 mile further down. I have no report on hazards at this time.

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Colby Zebel
14 years ago

Be careful at the King's demise (Ring rapid). There's a log across the entire creek after the first few ledges. There is a last ditch eddy on river left and a low spot in the center that is very runnable at about 1.5'. Just be aware that it's there. Everything else passable at this level although there is some grooming needed. Hopefully get to that shortly...

No Gage

Gage Descriptions

There is no online gauge

There is a painted gauge on the river right/upstream side of the put in bridge abutment.

Minimum (boney) Level is 1' 6" on the painted gauge or to the top of the numerous 5 inch dia holes in the bridge abutment.

My recommended minimum level is 2' on the painted gauge.

Above 3' on the painted gauge is pushy and eddies start to disappear. Consider it Class IV, above 3'.

The highest I have run it is at 3.5'. At this level the run takes 25 minutes if you do not have to portage any strainers.

Directions Description

Shuttle Directions:

Put In

Take Route 74 North from York through Dover. 4 miles north of Dover Town Square, turn right onto Alpine Road (first road after crossing the Conewago Creek). Travel approximately 4-5 miles on Alpine Road (NE direction). After you pass Bob's Weld Shop on your right, keep your eyes peeled for a gravel parking lot on the left, before you cross Beaver Creek.

Take Out

From the Put In, turn left out of the parking lot onto Alpine Road. Travel approximately 0.25 miles. Turn right onto Conley Road. Travel approximately 2 miles to Bull Road. Turn right at the stop sign, onto Bull Road. Travel approximately 200 yards to the Take Out bridge which crosses Beaver Creek.

**alternate directions to the take out: From the Put In, turn right onto Alpine Road. Travel 0.6 mile (just past Bob's Weld Shop). Turn left on Kunkles Mill Road (which becomes New Bethel Road). Travel 0.16 and turn left onto Kunkle's Mill Road (at a white church). Immediately past the church go left again on Boring Bridge Road. Stay on this road to the stop sign. Turn right on BU Rd/Bull Rd. The take out will be ahead on your right.

No Accident Reports



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Army Corps Study Threatens Lehigh River Boating

Bob Nasdor

Paddlers on the Lehigh River below the Francis E. Walter Dam and Reservoir are concerned that a planned study by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and its partners, the Delaware River Basin Commission (DRBC) and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection will lead to a reduction in whitewater boating opportunities on the Lehigh. The study will evaluate the feasibility of various alternatives to optimize project operation. Aside from the project's authorized primary missions of flood risk management and recreation, the study will also consider water supply and water quality, to identify possible improvements to the existing structure, infrastructure, and operations that will support current and future demands within the region. The Army Corps is holding a public meeting on January 9, 2020 at the Mountain Laurel Resort in White Haven, PA from 6-8 p.m. to explain the study and hear public comments. American Whitewater, Appalachian Mountain Club, and other organizations are expected to file comments with the Army Corps prior to the September 29th deadline in order to share our concerns about the study and potential impacts on boating, the outdoor recreation economy, and the Delaware RIver Basin. We encourage our members to attend the public meeting to voice their concerns.

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Pennsylvania Dam Removal Conference to be Held January 31st.

Kevin Colburn

There will be a one day conference on January 31st in eastern Pennsylvania that will address dam removal and rehabilitation in the state and region. It is likely that this very affordable conference would be helpful to paddlers interested in working on dam removal projects in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. Registration for the conference is due by January 23rd.

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