Cheat, Dry Fork - 4. Jenningston to Hendricks

Cheat, Dry Fork, West Virginia, US


4. Jenningston to Hendricks

Usual Difficulty III-IV (varies with level)
Length 12 Miles

Surfing the Dry Fork

Surfing the Dry Fork
Photo of Ted Rowe (BOCC) in OC-1 taken 04/04/01 @ 3.5 ft

Gauge Information

Name Range Difficulty Updated Level
usgs-03065000 2.80 - 6.00 ft II-III 00h16m 2.48 ft (too low)

River Description

Alternate put-in at head of river road (Gladwin). Alternate takeouts at end of river road (Gladwin), at confluence with Otter Creek (footbridge and parking lot access to Otter Creek trail) and at AW takeout at foot of 2nd street in Hendricks (footbridge).

The lower Dry Fork starting at head of river road (Gladwin) is an excellent intermediate training run and a surfer's paradise with numerous holes and waves, some of which are even fine park and play. Though not a wilderness run, it's still very scenic with creeks entering from both sides and several waterfalls cascading in from the left. In addition, this may be the safest class III run in WV, since it harbors little in the way of large boulders,undercuts,strainers or recirculating holes. It has been run at very high levels by strong advanced paddlers. River road runs streamside for approx 5 miles.

The popular takeout 1 mile downstream of Otter Creek is not recommended since there have been several incidents of vandalism to paddlers vehicles there. CJ's Pizzeria in Parsons is the post-paddling spot for food and libations.

Directions from AW takeout in Hendricks: Take Rte. 72 South to river road (1st right after crossing bridge over Red Run).  To put in at Gladwin, stay on river road past the AWFS flood gauge to a wide spot on the road, above which this road becomes private property. To put in at Jenningston, turn left at the AWFS flood gauge and then right onto Rte. 72 south and follow Rte. 72 to a right on the Jenningston road (yes, there is a sign). Cross the bridge in Jenningston and turn downstream to a small parking area in approx 200 yards.
For advanced/expert paddlers looking to boat the Dry Fork as a dessert run, the Blackwater River and Otter Creek are nearby.

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Last Updated: 2018-12-04 13:22:10

Rapid Descriptions

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User Comments

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October 10 2012 (2252 days ago)
Robert FarmerDetails
I did this section on May 8, 2012. There used to be a warning on this page about a log in the first
rapid; it was from 2008, so I figured that the log had washed out by four years later. Well, when I
did it, there was a log in the second rapid that fit the description. This is the rapid where the
river hits a cliff and turns 90 degrees left. Just downstream of the turn, there is a root ball in
the middle of the river, although it's hard to tell what it is at first. The hidden, submerged log
points to the left, so at low water, or if you swim, you could get washed under the log and pinned,
because you have to cross the log if you go left! STAY RIGHT!!! I went left and floated over the
log, so the water would have to be pretty low to get pinned, UNLESS you flip and/or swim just
upstream! So STAY RIGHT!!! Also, eat at Stumpy's restaurant in Parsons; their salads are
September 4 2012 (2288 days ago)
x (1)
Had a great day on the water. What a fun beautiful river. Naked SB, Chipper, TP, KP and Adam
June 16 2008 (3829 days ago)
John DukeDetails
see link fo a video of this run.........
February 19 2007 (4312 days ago)
Bill WardDetails
There is a new campground in Parsons called Five River Campground owned by John & Joyce Bowers.They
are great folks and very boater friendly. The sites have electricity, water and cable hookups if
you want. There are flush toilets and HOT showers. The first time we showed up there it was 2 am
and raining and the first thing we saw was two double car ports which are available at no extra
charge. The campground sits on the banks of the Cheat River. To reach the campground turn north
onto Walnut street between the courthouse and the old bank building and follow this street right
into the campground. Their website is and e-mail at Phone # is 304-478-3515. Check them out.
July 13 2003 (5628 days ago)
From Boygenius on Boatertalk:
Dry Fork Hole: (good above 2,000 cfs--Dry Fork at Hendricks)
Woke up and played the Dry Fork hole for about 45 minutes. The level had dropped significantly, but
it was still really good for throwing ends both ways and splits both ways. It was fun,
controllable, and powerful enough that it was unnecessary to push very hard to make the ends go
through. The second hole was REALLY shallow, so I avoided it like grandma's armpit stink. There was
no one else around...I LOVE WV!!!
How to get there:
From Hendricks, WV (Lower Blackwater take-out town) head south on 72 (river will be on your right)
After passing 2 Otter Creek wilderness trailheads, split off onto a much smaller road on the
right--72 will leave the river at this point, and the smaller road drops down to almost river level
and continues to follow it. Drive the smaller road for 2-3 miles. Eventually, this road will cross
a small trib, then leave the river uphill to the left. I've been told that at 5,000 cfs and higher,
an AMAZING wave forms right there at the put-in. To play the lower water spots that I played, head
back downstream to the next pull-off at the side of the river. This is right near the next rapid
below the put-in rapid. In that rapid, the stream wraps to the river left around a small island and
has 2 good holes and sometimes a wave.

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